Will There Be iPads?

Will There Be iPads?

It’s been a common question, “Do you guys have iPads?”  iPads?  Seriously?  Nope.

Firstly, blogging is a bit like work.  You need a keyboard; you need the productivity.  We don’t need coffee-table computers.  And tweaking PHP code and CSS on a touchscreen?  No way.  Laptops.  That’s the stuff.  Non-Apple.  Not desirable to thieves, because …

… Secondly, an iPad is way too easy to steal.  And it’s tempting.  We’re living in a van — people steal $100 stereos from cars, they steal spare tires.  How tempting would a pair of $500 iPads be on the dash that could be unloaded in a few hours on eBay?  No way.

And another $1,000 expense on top of getting rocked by real estate, buying a van, and trying to avoid employment for 12 months?  Can’t do it.

Malibu GPS
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dittmeyer | Not our van.

So we’ll have our old laptops on the road.  Lisa bought a new battery so hers lasts over two hours now. Mine has a crack in the corner that seems under control thanks to some strategic epoxy placement.  Both are encrypted to protect against identify theft in case of petty theft.

However, if you’re reading this Mr. Cook, feel free to send us a pair in honor of SJ.  We just may need to sell them if things get tight.  Or burn them for warmth if things go to hell.