Driving from Bryce Canyon National Park to Capitol Reef National Park

Driving from Bryce Canyon National Park to Capitol Reef National Park

We did the drive from the Bryce area to the Capitol Reef area in a day after striking out trying to camp at Kodachrome Basin State Park then striking out again at the campgrounds in the Dixie National Forest where temps were barely in the 40s. The entire trip is only about 140 miles, but we’ve been trying to keep our driving days short and our hiking trips long lately. Rushing made us miss a few things.

Hiking the Calf Creek Falls Trail

Lisa found this awesome-sounding trail on our route. It winds through a river bed and ends at a 126′ waterfall in the desert. Amazing, right? And there’s a campground next to it. Unfortunately, this campground was full too and the trailhead was packed! We didn’t stop, but we pressed on thinking we’d double-back the next day.

Getting pictures of this crazy road

Thinking we’d double-back, we didn’t stop to snap any pictures of the best part of this road, the road between Calf Creek Falls and Boulder, UT. It’s a crazy road atop a ridgeline with drop-offs on both sides. Scary and fun.

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Lisa got a few pictures of the road before the craziest section.


Burr Trail Grill, Boulder, UT.
Burr Trail Grill, Boulder, UT.

Eating at this burger place

We’re not doing so hot with restaurants in Utah. In Boulder, Utah, we heard the Burr Trail Grill served the best burger around … but we heard it after we passed through and were in Capitol Reef. When we drove by, the place was absolutely packed, which surprised us — there’s not a lot happening out here. Next time!

We rolled into Capitol Reef a bit before dinnertime and grabbed one of the remaining two campsites. Lucky break, but Lisa was and still is a bit bummed we had to pass by so much stuff. We will have to return.