Savannah v. Charleston Showdown: Brew Pub Edition

Savannah v. Charleston Showdown: Brew Pub Edition

In this corner, Southend Brewery and Smokehouse, Charleston’s best downtown brewery! In the other corner, Crystal Beer Parlor, Savannah’s second-oldest bar and restaurant! It’s going to be a close one, folks!


At Southend, things happen slowly, but the waitress makes up for it by pouring tortilla chips in Lisa’s lap. -100 points, Charleston.

At CBP, things are equally slow-as-shit. No food ends up in either of our laps though, so only -50 for Savannah.


Southend brews their own. +50, for Team Charleston. Lisa really likes her lemongrass and ginger brew, +50 more.

CPB serves “Beers of our Fathers” — brews like Old Milwaukee, Genesee Cream Ale, and Stroh’s. And they’re cheap too. +50 for Team Savannah.


Well, the chip thing, Southend, -50 for that. But the hushpuppies were tasty, so we’ll call it even.

At CPB I had gumbo, Lisa had a salad, and we split the “Cracka” nachos. Everything was good, but the nachos were on chips, not crackers. Oh, you were using it as a racial slur. I see. Penalties offset. 0 points.

Scene / Ambiance

We hit both in the late afternoon. Southend is empty and lonely. We’re seated under the stairs in the corner. -50, Southend.

CPB has a nice, old-timey bar. +50, Crystal Beer Parlor.


Well, we like Charleston better, so Southend gets another +50.

Savannah isn’t bad, but it is home to Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons. Can’t really knock the town for appealing to middle age women, but … -50 anyway.

The Winner!

It’s a draw at 0-0. Maybe just skip these places. Check out the bars on Sullivan’s Island outside Charleston if you’re in the area or drink at one of Charleston’s dive bars. And head to Pinkie Master’s if you’re in Savannah.

Hushpuppies at Southend Brewery.
Hushpuppies at Southend Brewery.
"Beers of our Fathers" above the bar at Crystal Beer Parlor.
"Beers of our Fathers" above the bar at Crystal Beer Parlor.