Sell, You Fucker. Sell.

My buddy Joe showed me this article in the early days of  He always thought of the last line when watching the numbers rise in Google Analytics, “Go, You Fucker.  Go.”  And I can’t help but think about it as we go through showing after showing, waiting for a person to buy our place.  Sell, you fucker.  Sell.

Our condo is a great place.  It’s the best 2 bedroom condo deal in Lincoln Park.  It’s got a great kitchen and bathroom and hardwood floors and a great back porch and it’s close to Trader Joe’s and a billion other fun things including the park and the lake front and the Diversey driving range and harbor.  But it needs a buyer.  Sell, you fucker.

It’s our last hurdle.  We need it to sell so we can get on with our lives and our trip and our adventure and start living out of a van like a couple of idiots that got the wrong message when listening to Chris Farley’s motivational speeches.  We want to live in a van down by the river.  Come on, sell, you fucker.

And we can’t do anything but wait.  It’s out of our hands.  The painting is done, the kitchen and bath are remodeled — we’ve made the place wildly more attractive than it was when we moved it.  It’s ready for a new owner.  It’s like our craigslisted table moving on with its life.  The Lisa and Paul condo era is ending; it’s time for a new adventure.  Sell, you fucker. Sell!