Quiet, Stressful Times

Selling a home is stressful.  We’ve lived here for a number of years, we think it’s worth more than it is, there are hurdles, rules, contracts, appraisals, inspections, and negotiations.  It’s rough.  And it’s why we’ve been radio-silent lately.  We’re under contract.  Things are moving along.  And it’s tremendously stressful.  It’s all we can think about — selling this place.  The close may be as early as 9/2.  We’ll breath easier then.

Creative Commons License photo credit: M.M.Meeks | How we feel while selling our condo.

1 thought on “Quiet, Stressful Times”

  • As I mentioned before, I understand the stress of selling a home!  We too are under contract as of July 23rd.  The home was inspected and we passed with flying colors, and are now just waiting for the appraisal so we can close and move on!  The buyers are trying to secure an FHA loan, which is what we think is delaying the process.  Our/Their deadline is September 15th!  Good luck!

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