The Best 2 Bedroom Condo Deal in Chicago

The realtors we’ve met with agree on one thing: our place is going to be a screaming great deal for somebody.  Why do I know they agree on this?  They want us to list low, they know the market is terrible, and they see that the only places that are selling are the ones priced the best.  So that’s what we’re competing with.  We’re OK with that, because we think we have a great place that will make somebody very happy.

Seriously, when we look at the 2 bedroom condo competition in our range (and our 60614 zip), there ain’t much … and every place has flaws.  If you want to spend $50K more, there are a ton of options.  But maybe all the places listed at that level sell where we’ll list.  Gah.  I hope not.

Well, we will see.  Chicago’s real estate market isn’t great, but hopefully there’s room between the short sales and foreclosures for one more 2 bedroom condo in Lincoln Park.

Creative Commons License photo credit: freschwill | Round and round we go.

Update: Our place is on the market.  It’s the best two bedroom condo deal in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.