The 10 Cheapest 2-Bedroom Condos in Chicago’s Lincoln Park (60614)

Things seem to be picking up in Chicago’s real estate market.  There are a bunch of condos listed as ‘under contract’ on Baird & Warner’s website.  That’s good news for us — we want a quick sale when we finally list.  But there are still a lot of units for sale.  We know we’ll be at the bottom-end of the cost spectrum, but we’re still not sure what price we’ll list at.  We’ll be watching these units over the next few weeks to see if they move.  From least-expensive to most, here’s the cheap 2-bedroom condo competition in Lincoln Park:

  1. 2430 North Southport Avenue #1F | $209,900 — This is a first-floor unit on the western side of Lincoln Park.
  2. 2744 North Bosworth Avenue #1E | $225,000 — Again, a first-floor unit, but this one is in the way north-west corner of Lincoln Park.
  3. 1620 West Diversey Parkway #2C | $235,000 — A 12-block walk to the Brown Line for this one.  This listing says it’s not on Diversey, but the address seems to say otherwise.
  4. 2124 North Hudson Avenue #104 | $239,900 — This one is in a good location, but it’s a garden unit.
  5. 540 West Belden Avenue #2B | $243,550 — Again, a good location, but the layout of this unit is really odd.  Is that a bike in the living room and one of the bedrooms being used as a living room?
  6. 707 West Diversey Parkway #B | $243,900 — A garden-level place on Diversey in a retro-modern (new term!) building, but you do get a parking spot and a fireplace.
  7. 2326 North Lincoln Park West #4B | $249,000 — Now this unit is AWESOME … but it has $482 monthly assessments.  That’s a lot, but Lincoln Park West is a sweet address.
  8. 707 West Diversey Parkway #F | $249,900 — See above with the same address.  This one is a few grand more.
  9. 2717 North Halsted Street #2R | $250,000 — Good looking unit, but Halsted is a loud street with lots of buses.
  10. 2336 North Lister Avenue #3 | $250,000 — This ain’t Lincoln Park — check the map.  So let’s do 11:
  11. 2754 North Hampden Court #1908 | $250,000 — Great views with a price — $444 monthly assessments.  Building is pretty retro-modern looking.

Note: As of 4/11/2011, none of these units are listed as being under contract on  If you search elsewhere, you’ll probably see a lot more units … but most of those will be closing shortly.

Creative Commons License photo credit: brand0con | Underwater in Lincoln Park.

So that’s the competition.  What’s funny is that these are also ALL of the units priced $250,000 and under in the 60614 zip code.  The 12th unit is priced at $259,900.  The 14th is the first unit above $260,000 and they go up from there ($1,075,000, under contract … not yet built).  This will be interesting, but we feel good.  Our south-east facing, 2nd-floor, east-of-Halsted, vintage unit seems to have a chance.

Update: Our place is on the market.  It’s the best two bedroom condo deal in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.