Five Sounds I Can’t Wait To Hear More Of

My days are filled with overheard conference calls, keyboard clacking, iPhone and Android bleeping reminders, phone ringing, and mouse clicking.  I’ve had enough of that.  These are my 5 favorite sounds that I’m looking forward to hearing more of:

The pop of wine corks

Hands down one of the best sounds ever.  Living cheaply doesn’t mean living poorly.  We will drink wine.   I remember arriving early to a Champagne tasting once and hearing the preparations — pop, pop, pop! — it was intoxicating.

Bollinger Cork
Creative Commons License photo credit: ChodHound

The rustle of leaves

In the fall, I could just kick my feet through piles of leaves for hours.  In fact, I just might.

Creative Commons License photo credit: jara_mae

The crunch of peanut shells

Just got home from a Cubs game and I love the sound peanut shells make when you step on them.  There’s a bar in Madison, WI we need to return to that serves peanuts as a bar snack.  You throw the shells on the floor.  It’s wonderful.  And we need to go to spring training games in Arizona.

Peanut Shells O-Tooles Public House 2-5-09 1
Creative Commons License photo credit: stevendepolo

The wind through aspens

This is the most relaxing forest sound there is.  There’s a smell that goes along with it that’s wonderful too.

2006 Fall
Creative Commons License photo credit: PhotoBobil

The crashing of waves

Obviously on the list.  I’m looking forward to camping on the beach when we can.  You can never be too close to the surf — except during a rising tide.

Warm Sand, Warm Water
Creative Commons License photo credit: Maya83