14 Things We’re Not Blogging About From California

14 Things We’re Not Blogging About From California

We’re behind on content again after nearly catching up. Here’s a sampling of what I almost wrote about:

CA park fees are highway robbery. $35 to $60 for a campsite when San Diego County Parks charge $19 (or $24 and give you a power outlet). Not a terrible deal for beach-side, but it’s the same price far inland too. Lame.

I’m tiring of craft IPA. I think everybody is making the same beer.

We’ve come across a few suspected drug dealers on our trip. One, a nice, older woman servicing the La Quinta in Carlsbad. Another, a nervous gent hanging out on the beach waiting to sell to surfers and eying us very, very suspiciously. At least that’s how they looked to us.

The water in the Sweetwater basin area of San Diego (including Chula Vista) tastes like chlorine. Shouldn’t it be sweet? Carlsbad water is delicious, so is the water at Guajome County Park.

Jenny McCarthy may be onto something – there are a lot of special needs kids in California. Or at least there are a lot of them at the local libraries. That’s new. I’m curious to know if there’s a reason for this or if the libraries are just popular spots to hang out during the day.

We saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Two word review: not bad.

My mustache enjoyed San Diego. It would love to tell you its adventures. Tough shit, mustache.

Us humans are loud. In order of loudness: 1) motorcycles, 2) tires rolling down the road at 60 MPH, 3) diesel engines in RVs that arrive after 10PM at night. Seriously, motorcycles can be heard for miles. And tires rolling? Why are they so loud?

Wal-Mart has the best trail mix. Honestly. Mountain Trail Mix – amazing. Not a huge fan of the ‘Mart, but damn, it’s good trail mix.

Waves make wonderful sounds. After the big ones crash, there’s a fizzing hiss sound, like that of a just-poured glass of Coke. Then as it recedes, it sounds like wild applause. Nice job, wave! Then back to the crash. I love the fizz-clap-crash of waves.

Beach-side campsites have the best smell – salt spray + campfire. Amazing.

Is the San Diego Zoo really worth the $43/person admission price? We didn’t think so. It’s insanity.

Jasmine tea is the hot chocolate of Asia … probably.

OMG, gay people can get married in California…again. They’re going to raise your taxes and hurt the economy.

Tacos? Yes, we will post about tacos.
Tacos? Yes, we will post about tacos.