Apartment Hunting in Ithaca

8 Oct
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Well, we made it east. Last week was a long week. We started the week in London, flew to Chicago, trained to Wisconsin, then reversed that back to Chicago, emptied our Chicago storage closet, rented a moving truck, and drove east. Now we’re settled into a new storage closet in Ithaca and living with Lisa’s parents while we shop for an apartment 80 miles away. Problem is, there aren’t a ton of apartments in Ithaca. We’ve got two options so far, and we haven’t seen either. Neither is perfect. It’s stressful.

We’re really ready to just catch our breath for a bit and have our own space. We had our own space in the west while we were driving — it was our van. Now, we don’t even have that, and it’s different. We’ve never felt this transient.

So, fingers crossed, we’ll find something eventually. Finding an apartment in a city is so much easier. I miss that part of Chicago. Nine years ago I found us an apartment in a day, signed the lease, and Lisa moved in the next weekend. This process isn’t going as fast.

Hopefully this isn't our home for long.

Hopefully this isn’t our home for long.

  • http://www.fullclutch.com/ Sarah

    Sorry the search is currently so bleak. That moving van looks like it has plenty of room it it, and since you and Lisa are used to living out of a van…. just saying.

    • http://drivinginertia.com/ Paul David Olson

      Standing-height ceilings, wood floors … this makes some sense!