Apartment Hunting in Ithaca

8 Oct
Posted in: Ithaca, New York
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Well, we made it east. Last week was a long week. We started the week in London, flew to Chicago, trained to Wisconsin, then reversed that back to Chicago, emptied our Chicago storage closet, rented a moving truck, and drove east. Now we’re settled into a new storage closet in Ithaca and living with Lisa’s parents while we shop for an apartment 80 miles away. Problem is, there aren’t a ton of apartments in Ithaca. We’ve got two options so far, and we haven’t seen either. Neither is perfect. It’s stressful.

We’re really ready to just catch our breath for a bit and have our own space. We had our own space in the west while we were driving — it was our van. Now, we don’t even have that, and it’s different. We’ve never felt this transient.

So, fingers crossed, we’ll find something eventually. Finding an apartment in a city is so much easier. I miss that part of Chicago. Nine years ago I found us an apartment in a day, signed the lease, and Lisa moved in the next weekend. This process isn’t going as fast.

Hopefully this isn't our home for long.

Hopefully this isn’t our home for long.