Looking Forward to Ithaca

Looking Forward to Ithaca

Yes, we’re having a great time in London. And on one hand, I don’t really want to leave. On the other, I’m really looking forward to getting settled into Ithaca. Here’s what I’m looking forward to.


Yep, downsizing. We’ll move everything from our storage locker to Ithaca, but I bet a lot gets donated to the Ithaca thrift stores. We’re so used to living with less that I don’t think an infusion of so much (relatively speaking, of course) stuff is going to take.

Having my own desk

I can’t wait to have my own desk again. I shop on Ikea.com looking at them, drooling over their flat surfaces. It’s a little ridiculous.

Going to Rulloff’s and Chapter House

We had our rehearsal dinner at Rulloff’s year ago and haven’t been back since. I can’t wait to return. As for Chapter House, we rarely ventured down the hill to pay slightly more for infinitely better beer while in college. That’ll change when we return. I hope they have Adnams.

Visiting friends and family

Lisa’s family lives in the area, so we’ll get to see them. Plans are already being made. I think we’re supposed to go hiking the first weekend we’re there after we empty out the truck. Not sure if that’ll happen — we may need to sleep at some point. We have friends in New York, Boston, and Albany to visit — some that we haven’t seen in years. It’ll be great to reconnect.

There’s also the wine, the waterfalls, the fall colors, Moosewood, CTB, Wegmans … and a long flight, a longer drive, and a ton of work that has to happen before then.