Ode to Hot Dogs: America’s Greatest Food

Ode to Hot Dogs: America’s Greatest Food

There’s no food that I can think of as malleable and regional (and wonderful) as the hot dog. In Chicago it’s topped with nearly everything (except ketchup) and it’s amazing. In Arizona, the Mexican / Sonoran hot dogs are wrapped in mesquite-smoked bacon and are terrific. In upstate New York, you can get a Hofmann frank on a potato roll at Heid’s in Liverpool and it’s delicious. They all have the same base — encased meat on a bun — but the results are wildly different and regional.

You just can’t get a Sonoran dog in Chicago — you need to be in Tucson (though we did find Chicago dogs in Bisbee). And it’s great that you can’t (usually). Food should be special in and specific to an area … and it nearly never is. You can get pizza anywhere. You can get steamed Maine lobsters in New Mexico (not as good, sure, but possible). Same with hamburgers (everywhere). Sure, there’s In-N-Out out here in California, but, honestly, it’s not that different than Culver’s in the midwest. Beer varies in brand by region, but it largely tastes the same (light lager). Which means hot dogs are what unite America … culinarily. We all have them in our home towns, and the way they’re prepared is specific and special to our home towns. I can’t wait to find more.

Pickle, Heid's chili dog, beer.
Pickle, Heid's chili dog, beer.

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    A Restaurant In Vancouver Is Selling The World’s New Most Expensive Hot Dog
    Matthew Kassel|January 24, 2012|
    964|41 0

    This is not DougieDog’s (and one half images via Flickr)
    Meet the Dragon Dog: a $100 bratwurst saturated with $2,000-a-bottle Louis the 13th cognac. This decadent dog is selling in Vancouver restaurant DougieDog Hot Dogs, reports the Canadian Press. And it is, according to the restaurant, the world’s most expensive hot dog, topping the $69 “haute dog,” which sells at Serendipity in New York.Dougie Luv, DougieDog’s owner, told the Canadian Press that he wanted to stay close to the true identity of the hot dog with his creation, which also contains Kobe beef, lobster, and truffle oil. If anything, this luxury link is a salute to the sturdy tradition of mixed meat concatenation, of which the hot dog is a paragon.
    Read more: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2012-01-24/lifestyle/30658186_1_kobe-beef-vancouver-restaurant-expensive-hot-dog#ixzz1kVkyN0gZ 
    You may have to check this dog out when you head North, but save your pennies :)

  • “Sure, there’s In ‘n Out out here in California, but, honestly, it’s not that different than Culver’s in the midwest.”
    What! You’re banned from In-n-out!

      • Or you can be in Arizona and have the choice of Culver and In-n-Out.

        Also get the Animal Style Fries and In-n-Out, they are not mediocre…

        • We will try the fries … and I think there will have to be a head-to-head when we’re in Phoenix for Spring Training. You guys have everything from Wisconsin in Phoenix … Packers’ bars, Culver’s, M&I Bank … Wisconsinites for the winter.

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