What Will We Do With All Our Stuff?

Our 2-bedroom apartment if filled with … stuff.  There’s furniture and books and appliances and clothing and toys and electronics and blankets and rugs and spoons and knives and cups and magazines and pictures and paintings.  It’s everywhere.  But there are no children, no pets.  There are a few plants.  We can do this.

We’ll sell the big stuff.  Goodbye, couch.  Adios, bed.  We’ll find you a new home on craiglist.  Then there’s the boat.  Anyone interested in buying a Merit 25 in about 12 months?  It’s got nice 3DL sails … and an engine that has only failed us once.  Hopefully we’re able to get rid of some of these books.  And Lisa will want to get rid of our excessive Steve Keene collection, but I’ll fight it as best I can.  The rest will go into storage.

Chute Up
Creative Commons License photo credit: mindfrieze

There are 5’x10′ units available nearby for ~$100 a month.  We may be able to do better in the suburbs, but that doesn’t seem like enough space.  There are too many chairs we want to keep, too many tables.  We’ll need to impose on our parents a little …

And forget the elephants in the room, what about the zoo?  What will we do with the condo?  We’ll try to sell it, but if we can’t, we’ll rent it out while we’re gone.

Everything needs to get distilled down to fit into a single vehicle.  We don’t want to have a trailer; we’re not getting an RV.  It will be liberating to travel light.