Our One Month Anniversary!

It’s time to celebrate our one month anniversary. We’re currently in Oklahoma, the state we figured we’d skip, and it’s awesome.

Things are going well — we’ve visited a lot of friends, we’ve seen nearly all of our families, and we’re now free of both and headed to mesa country. Tonight we’ll head back to our campground (our second night there — we’re posting from the local library), take a hike around the dry riverbeds and exposed rocks, have a tasty dinner, open a bottle of wine, and watch the stars come out and the mule deer appear like ghosts emerging from the shadows.

For the first time in our lives, time is stretched out in front of us without any real commitments or obligations. There are a few holidays coming up. We still need to figure those out, but they’re weeks away.

What time feels like right now.
What time feels like right now.

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