Q1 2013 Travel Plans

Enough moaning, time to start planning. Here are the places in the running for a Q1 Driving Inertia visit:

  • New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn). We’ve never been to Brooklyn minus passing through it on the way to Manhattan. 2013 is our year. This one has to happen in January before our Chicago buddies head back to Chicago. 
  • Florida. We want to get back to the St. Joseph peninsula, get some self-serve beer, 30 dozen oysters, warmth.
  • Portland, ME. It’s time to give the other Portland, the original-recipe Portland, a spin … and eat some lobster.
  • Boston, MA. Love this city. Love our friends there. It’s time to get back. And there’s popcorn.
  • Philadelphia. Lisa’s never stopped at this, or possibly any, city in Pennsylvania. Cheesesteaks are a factor in this decision.
  • Montreal, Canada. It’s actually pretty close to where we live, eh? We’ll avoid the pizza.
  • Toronto, Canada. Same as above, but closer.

So, food’s a factor, apparently. Anything else we should add to the list? Leave us a comment. 

Again, please.
Again, please.