Our Local Pub: The Prince Arthur

Our Local Pub: The Prince Arthur

Update: We’ve been over-charged twice now (they keep putting extra items on our bill), so we’re no longer in love with this place. Lisa’s in love with The Fox. I’m partial to The Spurstowe Arms.

We’ve found our local pub. I, honestly, don’t need to go to any other bars in London. I just want to hang out at my pub, The Prince Arthur. We’ve ended up there the last two nights. I want to go back tonight.

Why try another one? There’s no reason to. Will the staff be nicer? Probably not. Will the beers be tastier? Unlikely. Will the prices be cheaper? Nope. The Prince Arthur is perfect … mostly because it’s close by.

See, it’s about two blocks from where we’re staying. There’s another pub that may be closer, but we walked to this one first, so why even measure? This pub is great. There are tables to eat at, there are comfy stools to drink at, there’s a boar’s head on the wall. There are even a few outdoor tables to sit at if the weather is agreeable.

I’ve fallen for Adnams Bitter (sometimes pronounced Adam’s Bitter or ad-man’s bitter by yours truly). Lisa’s turned into a cider girl. The Adnams is pulled old-fashionedly and deliciously and served cellar temp, warmer than you’d expect. The cider is served chilled and is bright and refreshing.

We’ve got dinner plans, but I’m already laying down some foundational hints for a return tonight.