Skip Willi’s Wine Bar for Happy Hour at Stark’s Steakhouse in Sonoma

We needed a snack. We’d decided to head to Willi’s Wine Bar, so I looked at their website to check their happy hour deals. They had none. Digging deeper, I found that their sister restaurant, Stark’s Steakhouse, has the “best happy hour deals in Sonoma.” Hooray for the internet!

Here’s the deal: Beefeater martinis for $2.50, cheap food specials, and wine and beer deals. The place is just north of Santa Rosa’s Railroad Square (where you’ll go to grab a map showing the local wineries).

We had a smattering of drinks and snacks and all became right with the world again.

The best part is probably the crowd. Next to us, a birthday bash was winding up. There was a handlebar-mustachioed man in a Hawaiian shirt, a tattoo-covered lady in skimpy shorts, a dapper gent in a suit, and a few other guests slowly getting down to birthday-party business.

A couple arrived with a dog that everybody whimpered at. There were well-dressed locals, grabbing a drink after work. There were poorly-dressed locals, grabbing a drink after a workout. There was a bit of everything.

If we lived nearby, I’d be here everyday.