Twilight in Forks, WA

Twilight in Forks, WA

Twilight, that novel about sexy vampires or something, was set in Forks, Washington, the rainiest town in the US. It averages 211 days of rain per year here. Our friend, Jane, tipped us of to the Twilight thing saying:

Twilight was set there, which they thought was a pretty big deal a few years ago. It’s been a while though, so maybe they don’t care about that anymore.

Oh, they still care. Forks loves Twilight. Cue the shitty pictures of all the Twilight-themed businesses I snapped from the car!

NOTE: I’m going to grab the next copy I see.

NOTE 2: There were more … but I don’t want to spoil your visit to Forks by sharing all of them.