Home Sweet Homes

Thanks to a couple great friends and a brother’s conveniently timed trip to China, we didn’t have to resort to living in a hotel by the airport and commuting into the city like suburbanites. Instead, we’ve been able to thoroughly enjoy our last month in Chicago and save about $1600 at the same time.

Right now, we’re staying at our friend Mark’s place while he and his girlfriend Kathi prepare to renovate it and move in permanently. Sure, there’s no stove, but I feel completely at home here. We lived in the midst of renovations for about three years, so it seems normal. What amazes me is how fast a place goes from strange to home. Day one: unknown rooms, odd noises, dark corners. Day two: home sweet home.

In a week and a half, our Sienna will be our home sweet home. We all need something to call home. Even though we’ll have no permanent address, we’ll have a shelter – a turtle shell into which we can withdraw as needed. That’s the essence of home.