When Does The Countdown Begin?

We have a buddy visiting Chicago the day we [are scheduled to] close on our condo.  Here’s what I replied when he asked how things were going:

In September, we will be in either Wrigleyville, Old Town, Logan Square, or near O’Hare.  Hopefully, we’ll find that out this week.  As of today, it looks like we’re definitely closing 9/2.  And by definitely, I’m mean probably.  And by probably, I mean it feels more likely than ever and if it doesn’t work out now we’ll die.

Other than that, we’ve got nearly all of our stuff in boxes, we’ve got 1/2 our stuff already in storage, we sold our couch, we’re selling our bed, desk, futon, and whatever else is big, and we’ll be renting a car this weekend and jamming the rest of our shit in our metal box, living out of suitcases, and hoping like hell this all comes together.  9/2 is going to be great.  Or it’ll be terrible!

Chicago sunrise
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jason Weinberger