A Night in Knoxville

We spent a night in Knoxville with our friends, Kate and Ben, who took us to a couple great bars.

Bearden Beer Market

Located in an old drive-up motel, they’ve demoed some of the rooms to make a cozy and fun beer courtyard / garden. Grab a beer from inside, play bean-bag toss outside, or grab a table in the sun and watch the hops vines grow. It’s an amazingly relaxed place — like hanging out in a friend’s backyard. We loved it.

Feeling hungry while there? Bearden doesn’t mind if you grab some take-out food and bring it in. We picked up a couple delicious pizzas from Sergeant Pepperoni’s Pizzeria across the street.

Want to take the party home? Grab a sixer to-go from the store.

Beer garden, complete with cornhole.
Beer garden, complete with cornhole.
Bearden Beer Market.
Bearden Beer Market.

The Public House

The Public House is located in Knoxville’s “Old City” neighborhood. It’s the epicenter of Knoxville’s cocktail revolution, something going on in seemingly every city we visit (sort of the Violet Hour of Knoxville for the Chicago-centric among us). I’m trying very hard to remember what cocktails we had there … but all I can recall is that they were delicious. Too delicious, perhaps!

Next time: I want to have drinks in the Knoxville Sunsphere. There used to be a bar, but it closed, so we’ll have to sneak in and BYO.

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