One If By Land, Two if By … The Best Way To Get To Downtown Boston From Logan Airport

It’s hot and we’re holding onto plastic straps to stay upright.  Every curve brings new squeaks and squeals as our train resists all forms of bending and turning.  It’s hot.  The guy behind me seems focused on his iPhone, but I’m pretty sure he’s eyeing Lisa’s purse.  I’m watching him.  But there’s a duffel bag between my legs throwing my balance off.  If something happens, I’m most likely to trip.  Or fall over.  Or go deaf from the squealing. Two more stops and we have to transfer.

That was two years ago.  We’d taken the train into Boston from the airport like we always had.  We didn’t realize there was a better way:

Take the #66 airport shuttle.  It takes you to the Logan ferry dock.  Wait for a ferry (stop for a beer at the Hyatt if you’re too early).  Get on the MBTA ferry to Long Wharf (not the water taxi), pay through the nose for convenience and luxury and the most pleasant way to arrive in Boston ($10 a ticket), and enjoy.  This is the best way to get from Logan Airport to downtown Boston.  It’s probably how George Washington arrived in Boston … or Paul Revere.  Best when the weather is best.