Driving Inertia is for sale for … ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

10 Apr
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Things happen in threes, right? Let’s hope! Yesterday, Facebook bought Instagram, a service that takes your rectangular iPhone photos and makes them square. Then it makes them look old-timey and artsy. This service is apparently worth $1 billion. OMG. Meanwhile, Microsoft bought some patents from AOL for … wait for it … $1 billion. Patents. For stuff Microsoft already makes. So that it can defend itself in a patent war. Right. And AOL’s stock rose after it sold off this asset … after it become worth LESS as a company. Wild!

Anyway, this is why, with basically no hesitation, I’m putting our blog up for sale. For $1 billion. We’ll even keep up the writing. For FREE. And we’ll switch to driving one of these.



Pic is from here.