I’ve Always Wanted To Do That

We’re slowly starting to share our plans.  The universal reply so far has been: “I’ve always wanted to do that.”  There’s usually a bit of silence then, followed quickly by a recommendation, tip, or travel idea … or all three.   Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

  • Dave recommended a Toyota “Spaceship” — seems like a sweet ride to me.  I wonder if they sell those in Chicago.
  • Amy shared a bunch of good spots like the Northwestern Steakhouse in Mason City, IA.  “You wait for your table upstairs where they give you a cold bottle of beer, Chex Mix, and a deck of cards.”  Also on Amy’s list: the Hormel Spam Museum in Austin, MN.  She says it’s “completely free and definitely worth it,” and I have to admit I want to check it out.
  • Kate sent us a link to all of America’s strangest roadside attractions.  I’ll have to check out that Prada store for Dappered.

Prada Marfa
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ben Brown

More to come as more comes in.  If you’ve got a great idea, post it in the comments.