Our Sailboat is SOLD; Can I Still Wear Boat Shoes?

We just made it over our second biggest hurdle — we sold our Merit 25 sailboat.  It took months, and it’s done.  We are no longer boat owners … so can I still wear boat shoes?  This is a question I must now answer.

Here’s how it went down:

The engine went first to a J/24 owner in the northern suburbs.  He wanted something with reverse for his boat.  The most exciting part of this sale was when we test started the outboard in a five gallon bucket and he threw it into gear.  Woops!  There was a serious splash.  Because he was holding the bucket between his legs, I never would have guessed that he’d start the prop spinning so close to his … prop.  We got it back into neutral quick and completed the deal.

Creative Commons License photo credit: maxintosh | Going to miss this.

The main went next.  When the buyer showed up to pick up the sail, I asked, “Are you sure you don’t need another spinnaker?” For the right price, he did.  And he took the mega anchor.

Then it was down to the boat itself and two laminated headsails.  A sailor in Michigan saw our ad and after hearing about the price drops on craigslist, he was interested.  He took ownership today and should have it in the water by the end of the month.  He’s going to love the boat — it’s a fun one.

And today the good news kept coming — we’re having our first condo showing tomorrow, just a couple days after getting the place officially on the market.  It’s the best two bedroom condo deal in Lincoln Park — we hope it sells quickly.