Mexican Food In Vermont

Honestly, we didn’t do a great job rooting out good tacos and tamales in Vermont during our recent trip to Burlington. However, through both experience and research (and reddit), here’s what we learned:

  • Burlington, VT: Miguel’s On Main — We bailed on this place after walking past and getting a whiff of scorched oil.  May not have been from Miguel’s, but the Yelp reviews are not overly positive.  However, plenty of people seem to like it on Facebook.
  • Burlington, VT: Madera’s Restaurante — This place was recommended to us by a local at the Snow Farm Vineyard.  They get points for making their own tortillas.
  • Burlington, VT (and elsewhere) Boloco — This place seems to be a New England Chipotle knock-off.  Maybe worth a try, but far from authentico.
  • Stowe, VT: Frida’s Taqueria — A disappointment for us.  The prices should have been half as much and the quality twice as high.  Homemade tortillas … from yesterday. Margaritas were the high point.
  • Johnson, VT (outside Stowe): Hot Tamale — Really want to visit this place on a Monday and take advantage of their 3 tacos for $7 deal.  And any place that makes tamales has to be awesome.
  • Brattleboro, VT: Three Stones Restaurant — This got a really positive review on one of our earlier posts about Mexican food in Burlington.  However, it’s pretty far out of the way if you’re driving from Burlington to Boston.

Taco al Pastor
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ron Dollete | Yo Necesito Tacos.