Zion’s South Campground Mayoral Address

People of Zion’s South Campground, this is your mayor speaking. There are going to be some changes.

Yes, the campground will stay first come, first served. However, we’re going to stick to the letter of that law instead of rewarding those that are most persistent, annoying, and rude. Effective immediately, there will be no more trolling for spots at 7:00AM. We’re just going to ban that. If you want to get a spot for the day, you’ll have to wait outside the campground until 10:00AM. We’re going to let the current campers have their mornings (which they paid for) instead of releasing the prowling masses at the crack of dawn. We’ve had too many complaints about new-arrivals rushing people out and pestering campers, trying to score a spot. If you want to make a reservation, there’s always Watchman Campground.

No, we’re not going to a reservation system. Reserve America isn’t the solution. It’s an antiquated, shoddy system built in the internet stone age and pales in comparison to even the most pathetic online hotel reservation systems, but we’ll continue to use it for Watchman. We’re not going to impose reservation fees and cancellation fees and fee fees on our guests, but this isn’t a musical chairs free-for-all either. There will be courtesy; there will be restraint. Here’s how it’ll work.

Whenever the campground fills up the day before, like most days in summer, the rangers will remove the payment envelopes from the self registration kiosk in the afternoon. In their place will be a note instructing those looking for a spot to line up outside the campground the next morning in a newly designated line. While in line, you vehicle must be off — no idling — and you cannot run a generator. The line is to be quiet and peaceful.

At 10:00AM, a ranger will have taken stock of the empty campsites and will know how many people to admit. The ranger will hand out this many payment envelopes to those waiting in line. If there are more people waiting than there are spots available, those people will be turned away. If there are more spots available, the ranger will leave a stack of payment envelopes at the self registration kiosk for later arrivals. Simple.

On days the campground has not filled up, the self registration will remain as it is now, with payment envelopes available at all hours.

That is all. Enjoy your stay. You are welcome for fixing this, but I’m just doing my job.

This icon will no longer represent the way you are treated at Zion's South Campground.
This icon will no longer represent the way you are treated at Zion's South Campground.

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