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Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Traffic Jam

By     |    Apr 30, 2012
Posted in: North Carolina, Parks, Tennessee     |    4 Comments

We had been warned that Great Smoky Mountains National Park was the busiest park in the country. But it’s hard to imagine what 9,000,000 visitors per year means, or even what 60,000 visitors per busy weekend looks like. And then we got there and we got stuck in the Great Smoky Mountains National Traffic Jam. The good news is that the park is huge, and that most visitors stay on […]

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Time to sample our jar.

The Unendorsement: Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

By     |    Apr 27, 2012
Posted in: Mission Whiskey, Tennessee     |    2 Comments

When we end up in a hotel, if I can wrestle Lisa away from Say Yes to the Dress, I like to watch Moonshiners. I get a kick out of Tim and Tickle and Popcorn and the gang of moonshiners. Love it. Tickle’s my favorite (yes, that’s his name) because of his glazed-over look and booze-filled antics. The last episode I saw, sorry, seen, Tickle rode in the back of […]

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Bearden Beer Market.

A Night in Knoxville

By     |    Apr 26, 2012
Posted in: Bars, Booze, Beer, Etc., Tennessee     |    2 Comments

We spent a night in Knoxville with our friends, Kate and Ben, who took us to a couple great bars. Bearden Beer Market Located in an old drive-up motel, they’ve demoed some of the rooms to make a cozy and fun beer courtyard / garden. Grab a beer from inside, play bean-bag toss outside, or grab a table in the sun and watch the hops vines grow. It’s an amazingly […]

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