Venereal Disease Tacos … I Mean Tacos in Vernal, Utah

It was our last day in Utah. We’ve had a tough time here this trip. The state hasn’t always been nice to us. But on our last day, things aligned. We found fast internets at Vernal, Utah’s new library. Then we found some great tacos at Tacos El Gordo.

According to Yelp, Tacos El Gordo is a bit odd. Its building was originally a gas station. For a while, the place was just a food truck parked by the disabled pumps. Then it moved inside. For a while it functioned both inside and outside. Things are still being worked out, it seems.

Ordering was supposed to be confusing, but even knowing that, we screwed it up. First, you don’t order at the truck. The truck is closed. Order inside. Order at the first window, the window labeled “pickup food here.” The other window is labeled something in Spanish. We assumed it was ‘”order here” because pickup was already taken. Turns out, it also says “pickup food here” … just in Spanish. So order at the window closest to the door.

And don’t pay … yet. You pay AFTER. And drinks are self-serve. Just grab one and settle up later. Hot sauce is also self-serve — grab a squeeze bottle from the coolers to take to your table. The stuff is good, so don’t miss it.

Lisa ordered the enchiladas; I had three tacos (chicken, pork, carne asada). The enchiladas were great. The tacos were wonderful. Paying our bill, we were asked where we were from.

“Chicago,” Lisa told the proprietor.

“How’d you find my restaurant?” he asked.

“The internet. The reviews said this was the best restaurant in Vernal.”

He wasn’t impressed with our stroking.

“They said you make the best tacos in the world.”

He smiled. They were pretty good tacos. So why associate them with venereal disease? I don’t know. Vernal is a weird name for a town. It’s how I read every sign. Sorry, Vernal. Good luck with the itchies and the rasheroo.

Great tacos at Taco El Gordo in Vernal, UT.
Great tacos at Taco El Gordo in Vernal, UT.