Mmmm ... beer.

“Montreal Style” Pizza at Ottawa’s Big Rig Brewery

By     |    Oct 24, 2012
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After an afternoon at our local IKEA … in Ontario, Canada (Ottawa, to be exact), we were in need of a beer and a bite. Big Rig Brewery promised both. First: the beer. I got the sampler (Golden, Red, IPA, Stout). Lisa ordered a pint of the brown ale. All were tasty. Lisa even liked their red ale (Lisa typically hates red ales). The brown ale was superb. We ordered […]

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$9.95 for a six-pack of Busch. Yikes.

In Canada, ALL Booze is Expensive

By     |    Oct 23, 2012
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When we were in London, we noticed UK booze was pricey, wine and liquor especially. Cider and beer was a bit more in line with our expectations. Then we visited Canada, Ottawa specifically. OMFG. Look at these pics from the state (province?) liquor store (note the current exchange rate is about 1:1): So I did some research. Canada is far from the worst. England ranks pricier (which we expected). Who’s the […]

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Our comfy bed.

The Ultimate packing list: what you need (and don’t need) to live in a van for a year

By     |    Oct 22, 2012
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We’ve unloaded our van and turned it back into a normal passenger vehicle. It’s terrible. It seems so strange to drive around in a normal minivan — I imagine it’s similar to how you’d feel if you dyed your bright blue hair back to black for a job interview. You’d walk around thinking, “I used to be a cool dude with bright blue hair! Remember?” That’s kind of how CoCoVan […]

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Hasta la vista, Penske.

The Ride Across (Driving from Chicago to Ithaca in a Penske Truck)

By     |    Oct 19, 2012
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If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that Lisa does something like 98% of the driving. She’s a pro. And she gets carsick when I (reluctantly, of course) volunteer to drive the winding, fun roads. We’ve put 35,000 miles on our van in the last year. Of that, I’ve maybe driven, let’s say, 20 hours, max. Let’s also assume 60 MPH, so 1,200 miles. That revises my […]

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no photo

Our collective photo-assisted memories

By     |    Oct 18, 2012
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Upon hearing of our impending move to the Ithaca area, one of our college buddies shared a story from the New York Times about the decline of the college bar scene in places like Ithaca. According to the author, students aren’t drinking less, they’re just drinking at bars less (they’re drinking in their rooms, then going to bars to throw up, I guess). I’m sure it’s not relevant that the […]

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The view from the top of the falls.

Fall in the Adirondacks

By     |    Oct 17, 2012
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Once, I asked my Dad why he and my Mom had decided to live where they did — in the middle of nowhere, upstate New York. He responded: “The Adirondacks.” Our visit this past week reminded me why I was satisfied with that one-word answer.

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Well, it rained through the sunset. This is after we built the fire back up.

Full Circle Bonfires

By     |    Oct 16, 2012
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Almost exactly a year ago, I stood next to the biggest bonfire I’ve ever seen in Northern Wisconsin. Cripes, was that a YEAR ago? Now we’re in Upstate New York, and it was time for another bonfire. This one promised to be nearly as big … if the weather held. So not quite as huge … but still a pretty awesome October tradition.

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Everything's inverted when you look through the glass half-full.

Home Sweet…Trumansburg?

By     |    Oct 15, 2012
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It’s official – we finally have a place to call home – a real apartment, not a bedroom on wheels. It’s got walls, doors, a few sinks, a fridge. A stove that doesn’t fold up into a suitcase. A roof and a porch. It even has two toilets. TWO toilets! Our toilet count will shortly increase by like 200%!! In two weeks, home will be a two bedroom duplex in the […]

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We'll be back

We’ll be back.

By     |    Oct 10, 2012
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We’re going to take a few days off from the blog. We’ll be back Monday, hopefully telling you about our new place, new hometown, etc. Let’s just say this: Ithaca has some competition. Until then … Have you checked out Lisa’s mega-map(s) and her listing of where we’ve been? It’s a beast and worth a look. Also, if you don’t want to miss anything, be sure to follow us on […]

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Chicken Riggies!

Chicken Riggies

By     |    Oct 9, 2012
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I really love discovering regional dishes (like the Sonoran hot dog and Binghamton Spiedie), what’s wonderful is that we’re STILL discovering fun, regional dishes, like chicken riggies, in places that we’ve been countless times. Well, I am at least. Lisa’s had this one. Chicken riggies is from the Utica/Rome, New York area. It’s chicken, rigatoni (the “riggies,” natch), hot or sweet peppers, and creamy tomato sauce. It’s tasty, and I’ve never seen […]

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