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Other bars take note: THIS is a view.

Getting a Beer in Salt Lake City, Attempt #2

By     |    Jun 28, 2013
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Last time Lisa and I were in Salt Lake City, we had trouble finding a local watering hole. We ended up at Uinta Brewery in basically an industrial park. The beer was good, but the vibe of the city rubbed us wrong. Too bad, too, because there are a lot of reasons to love this town. Anyway, I found myself serendipitously back in Salt Lake City. Well, more accurately, I […]

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Google Fiber’s Next, Next Stop: Portland, Oregon

By     |    Apr 18, 2013
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If you follow this blog, you know I’m a bit of a nerd, so I read about things like Google Fiber. The big news lately has been about its expansion to Austin, TX, a city we didn’t exactly fall in love with. Now the news is that it’s expanding to Provo, UT as well. We were even less fond of Provo. There’s a pattern here and I can read it […]

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Come for the oysters, stay for the burger.

The 6 Best Burgers in America: Middle-of-Nowhere Edition

By     |    Jan 17, 2013
Posted in: Bars, Booze, Beer, Etc., Best Of, California, Florida, Food, New Mexico, New York, Utah     |    3 Comments

Finding a good burger in a city is easy. There’s Dick’s in Seattle, Kopp’s in Milwaukee, In-N-Out across the Southwest, and Culver’s everywhere in the Midwest. But there’s something about being in the middle of nowhere and finding a great burger place. A cheeseburger in paradise is wonderful, but a cheeseburger in the boondocks is even better. Here are my six favorites: 6. Sebastian’s Store — Hearst Beef Burgers Sebastian’s […]

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The sunset before the meteor shower.

Cross-country bikers and meteors lead to a serious case of introspection

By     |    Aug 28, 2012
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We met our first cross-country biker of the trip in Baker, NV. We’ve seen plenty of serious bikers on the road and have heard about others (my parents’ friends’ daughter and son-in-law recently completed a trip from Syracuse to San Francisco, you can read about it on their blog), but we haven’t actually met any of these brave bikers. Michael wasn’t blogging about his journey; he was just out there […]

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Dinosaur, Colorado.

Now Entering Colorado!

By     |    Aug 27, 2012
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Man, I was so excited to be back in Colorado. Even the billboards were excited for us to arrive — “Real beer is worth the drive,” they proclaimed. Soon we’d be able to buy Fat Tire beer, Lisa’s favorite. Our first stop: Dinosaur, Colorado. We checked it out on Google Maps. There’s Brontosaurus Boulevard, Stegosaurus Way, Triceratops Terrace. How cute, right? Well … Dinosaur, Colorado is a bit of a shithole, […]

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IMGP9949 (Small)

Dinosaur National Monument gives us the perfect desert goodbye

By     |    Aug 27, 2012
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Yes, Dinosaur National Monument has dinosaur bones. The best bones have long been removed and placed in museums, but they’ve left a few in place to illustrate the amazing forces that made these bones find-able in the first place: first, lots of animals and dinosaurs died in a river bed. Sad. The smaller animals and dinosaurs were washed away by the river but the bigger ones settled down and were buried by […]

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Great tacos at Taco El Gordo in Vernal, UT.

Venereal Disease Tacos … I Mean Tacos in Vernal, Utah

By     |    Aug 24, 2012
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It was our last day in Utah. We’ve had a tough time here this trip. The state hasn’t always been nice to us. But on our last day, things aligned. We found fast internets at Vernal, Utah’s new library. Then we found some great tacos at Tacos El Gordo. According to Yelp, Tacos El Gordo is a bit odd. Its building was originally a gas station. For a while, the […]

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Bald Mountain.

Whenever possible, take the scenic route

By     |    Aug 24, 2012
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If you’ve got the time, take the scenic route. Better yet, plan to have the time to take the scenic route. When planning your trip, we’d advise avoiding all major highways: the 5s, 80s, 90s, 94s, 15s, 70s of the country. Sure, you can get there faster on the main route, but if you’re only interested in getting somewhere quickly, take a plane. Even if you must stick to the […]

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Lisa gambles one last dollar at the Border Inn before succumbing to strict chastity in Utah.

The Utah-Nevada Border Inn

By     |    Aug 23, 2012
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The Border Inn sits just outside Baker, Nevada along Highway 50. It straddles the border … literally. On the Nevada side, you can get a breakfast beer, play a slot machine, and buy coffee. On the Utah side, you can fill up on gasoline or rent a motel room. It’s a good illustration of how porous our state laws are. Don’t like the Boston sales tax? Do your shopping a few […]

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Good luck driving here.

Utah has the worst drivers.

By     |    Jun 22, 2012
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In New York, people think they’re the center of the universe and they drive like it. They’re going to make it, be big, rock the town. It’s the Big Apple the Empire State, all that shit. In Southern California, drivers are narcissistic cell phone users barely paying attention to the road. There is, after all, too much traffic to move, so why not check the ol’ inbox, update Twitter, snap […]

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