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Overheard at Lost Dutchman State Park

By     |    Dec 14, 2011
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Lost Dutchman, like basically everywhere else we camp, is mostly filled with old peeps. They’re retired, they’ve got time, they can camp in December. But it also has some … other people. The place just draws some oddballs. There are the partiers from Phoenix out drinkin’ under the stars (the only time we weren’t worried about mountain lions on the way to the bathroom was when we overheard these guys looking for […]

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Sunset on Superstition

Visiting Arizona’s Lost Dutchman State Park

By     |    Dec 12, 2011
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Lost Dutchman State Park must have a guardian angel.  Or not — it has been threatened with permanent closure at least twice since 2002 due to budget shortfalls.  It seems like an expensive place to run. The ratio of staff/workers to visitors is at least 2:1.  There are at least six campground hots. They have a large Americorps team doing trail maintenance.  The sites are impeccably maintained — each site […]

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