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A redbud.

Driving Into Spring

By     |    Apr 4, 2012
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In the desert, spring is hard to notice. In years when there is no outbreak of colorful flowers, the signs of the shifting seasons are even more subtle. You might notice that some of the leaves seem slightly greener, a few cacti might blossom, and some softer plants may be growing where only hard, crusty plants had been before. The desert’s subtle shifts remind me that spring is much more […]

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Then it turned into this right after we got into New Mexico.

Well, We Got Snowed On

By     |    Nov 2, 2011
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Like the Donners on their way west, we too got snowed on … but we didn’t have to resort to cannibalism. Instead, we’re shacked up at a hotel in Raton, New Mexico. Now that the snow has stopped and we can see more than a few yards ahead, we can tell that this is a pretty cool town. We’ve already hit up their library, their local coffee shop, the Raton Museum, […]

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A lone yellow tree in the desert.

Fall Colors In Mesa Country | Black Mesa State Park, Oklahoma

By     |    Nov 2, 2011
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It’s fall here too! But instead of acres of trees turning red and gold, there are only a few that follow the mostly dry riverbeds. It’s a new look for us.  They’re more like fireworks than fall colors.  

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Dodge City

Kansas to Oklahoma: A Few Days on the Prairie

By     |    Nov 1, 2011
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Watch out — we’re free and we’re headed (south)west!  Given the new rule that we don’t drive more than a few hours a day, rather than blasting across Kansas we approached the state with an open mind and a ready foot on the brake. The first stop was a little park called Cheney State Park, located on a reservoir that is Kansas’ number one sailing destination.  The boats (along with […]

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