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Chicken Riggies!

Chicken Riggies

By     |    Oct 9, 2012
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I really love discovering regional dishes (like the Sonoran hot dog and Binghamton Spiedie), what’s wonderful is that we’re STILL discovering fun, regional dishes, like chicken riggies, in places that we’ve been countless times. Well, I am at least. Lisa’s had this one. Chicken riggies is from the Utica/Rome, New York area. It’s chicken, rigatoni (the “riggies,” natch), hot or sweet peppers, and creamy tomato sauce. It’s tasty, and I’ve never seen […]

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Hopefully this isn't our home for long.

Apartment Hunting in Ithaca

By     |    Oct 8, 2012
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Well, we made it east. Last week was a long week. We started the week in London, flew to Chicago, trained to Wisconsin, then reversed that back to Chicago, emptied our Chicago storage closet, rented a moving truck, and drove east. Now we’re settled into a new storage closet in Ithaca and living with Lisa’s parents while we shop for an apartment 80 miles away. Problem is, there aren’t a […]

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ithaca ny - Google Maps - Google Chrome_2012-09-27_03-21-01

Looking Forward to Ithaca

By     |    Sep 27, 2012
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Yes, we’re having a great time in London. And on one hand, I don’t really want to leave. On the other, I’m really looking forward to getting settled into Ithaca. Here’s what I’m looking forward to. Downsizing  Yep, downsizing. We’ll move everything from our storage locker to Ithaca, but I bet a lot gets donated to the Ithaca thrift stores. We’re so used to living with less that I don’t […]

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Stalking The Mighty Rodent: My Rat Hunting Trip

By     |    Oct 13, 2011
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“Bob and I will illuminate the kill zone after we sneak around the corner, then just blast away,” Jim said.  “They’re going to stream out the door pretty quickly.  You’ll only have about eight seconds to fire.” Eight seconds?  That’s not much time to learn how to fire a pistol.  Until then, I was picturing the classic video game Operation Wolf — targets would slowly move from left to right and […]

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When Driving Across NY State, 86 is Better Than 90

By     |    Oct 7, 2011
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The drive from Chicago to my parents’ place in upstate NY is boring.  There’s nothing you can do about it — you’ve got to get through Indiana and Ohio.  By the time you get to Erie, PA, you’ve been driving for hours.  Do you continue on 90 into NY State for five more hours of mind numbing tollway driving, or do you try something different?  My vote is something different.  […]

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Paul, concerned temporary citizen of Watkins Glen, NY

Golden Retriever: Retrieved | Dispatches From Watkins Glen, NY

By     |    Oct 6, 2011
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Ultra-local papers are the best. They are a window into the soul of a town and its residents. Our first dispatch comes from The Daily News (no website, sorry) of Watkins Glen, NY. We grabbed a copy while eating at Glen Mountain Market and Bakery.   No Thursday Wing Night at Bleachers Sports Bar and Grill Sorry, there’s a private party tonight at Bleachers. Maybe stop at Valero for the […]

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