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We Spot the Seneca White Deer

By     |    Feb 9, 2013
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We were just driving along, minding our own business, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Looked like a mountain goat. Couldn’t have been a mountain goat. The Finger Lakes region isn’t mountain goat country. “Did you see that?” I asked Lisa. “See what?” “That,” I pointed to another white animal grazing behind the fence of the old Seneca Army Depot. “What is that?” “It looks […]

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Es una salsa ... muy salsa! Si, whatever.

United States of Hot Sauce: Frank’s, Tapatio, and Tabasco

By     |    Feb 2, 2013
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Two regional food things surprised me on the trip: beer and hot sauce. Beer is much more regionally varied than the Bud Light commercials suggest — try getting Kokanee in South Carolina … or Yuengling in Yosemite … or Dixie anywhere outside New Orleans. Same with hot sauces. We are not a nation of Tabasco users. Surprised me. Here’s how it breaks down: The Northeast Favorite: Frank’s RedHot From the Garden State, Frank’s […]

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IMGP0672 (Small)

Next Weekend: New York City

By     |    Jan 25, 2013
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It’s a bit ridiculous how much we’re looking forward to being in New York City. We can’t wait to visit friends, explore new areas, eat at Papaya King (that might be just me, not Lisa), and just stroll in an urban environment. And by stroll, I mean walk fast as shit. I am the fastest walker in Trumansburg by a factor of maybe ten. I crush other people on the […]

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Photo from Nate B. via Yelp.

Mexican Food Update: The Piggery, La Fiesta Brava, Viva Taqueria

By     |    Jan 24, 2013
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The long and arduous search for chorizo in Ithaca is over. They make their own at The Piggery and it’s pretty damn good. It’s just artisanal, expensive stuff, not the cheapo, authentico stuff you get in California. But it’s satisfying our cravings. We miss chorizo — and we’re still looking for more options. The other day we found ourselves in Waterloo, NY and ready to eat. The Google suggested La […]

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Tanks outside the new Ithaca Beer facility.

Ithaca Beer Co: Our Local Brewery

By     |    Jan 22, 2013
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Technically, there is a closer brewery — 3 Herons — but they don’t sell beer (yet). Ithaca Beer has been selling beer since the late ’90s. Their most famous brews are Apricot Wheat and Nut Brown. Both are delicious. But there’s more. Just after we moved to Trumansburg, Ithaca Beer opened their newly-constructed taproom, restaurant, and brewing facility. It’s amazing. It’s huge. We’ve been there three times already and I […]

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Come for the oysters, stay for the burger.

The 6 Best Burgers in America: Middle-of-Nowhere Edition

By     |    Jan 17, 2013
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Finding a good burger in a city is easy. There’s Dick’s in Seattle, Kopp’s in Milwaukee, In-N-Out across the Southwest, and Culver’s everywhere in the Midwest. But there’s something about being in the middle of nowhere and finding a great burger place. A cheeseburger in paradise is wonderful, but a cheeseburger in the boondocks is even better. Here are my six favorites: 6. Sebastian’s Store — Hearst Beef Burgers Sebastian’s […]

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Lucifer himself.

Lucifer Falls tries to steal our souls!

By     |    Dec 6, 2012
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“Why don’t you climb up on that ledge to take a photo,” Paul said. “That way you’ll cut out all that stuff in the foreground.” I mumbled a response about how I kind of liked the stuff in the foreground, but what I was thinking was, “Nice try, Lucifer. I’m not going to make it that easy for you.” Lucifer had already made me dizzy, the way he popped out […]

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My 6 star kitchen.

Small town living is good for my cooking

By     |    Nov 29, 2012
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I’ve been pretty down on small town living so far. I thought I was ready for a small town after Chicago, but going from a city of 3 million to a town of 1,700…it’s been a bit of an adjustment (even when you forget all those spots we visited in between). Feeling at home in a close-knit town of 1,700, for ten months and/or the foreseeable future is a stretch, […]

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I can haz turkey?

Lots of Driving, Lots of Fun

By     |    Nov 26, 2012
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Wow, what a long weekend. We’re back in Trumansburg after about 1,500 miles of driving and 15 pounds of turkey eating. What fun! We returned to a not-yet-done roof and a still-ugly house … and a thermostat reading 45°. Our pilot light has been re-lit and we’re rekindling our excitement for the area with a copy of Edible Finger Lakes. Lisa’s already learned that there’s a local salt vein we […]

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The Best Chinese Place in Trumansburg, New York

By     |    Nov 19, 2012
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On one of our first nights in our new place, Lisa met one of the staff from the local Chinese place on the street. It “served the best Chinese food in town,” the woman promised Lisa. We ordered take-out a few days later — they were right. When we first moved to Chicago, we lived around the corner from a place that bragged it served the best Chinese food in […]

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