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My Second Tangle with a Deadly Animal

By     |    Nov 11, 2011
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It wasn’t like last time when there was a gun, a hunting party, and an illuminated kill zone. This time, I got ambushed. It all started with a mesquite fire. Well, more accurately, it was a mesquite log, a few charcoal briquettes, two spent fire starters, and a bunch of burnt paper. The mesquite wood didn’t want to be on fire. It was like trying to burn a rock — the mesquite had no […]

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Watch out...

White Sands National Monument (and Missile Range)

By     |    Nov 11, 2011
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FFFZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTT! An F-15 screams overhead, followed by another. They rapidly climb, then nosedive, looping, banking, firing smoke bombs at each other in a mock dog-fight. We’re not watching some airshow. We’re in the middle of White Sands National Monument, which is in the middle of the White Sands Missile Range. This mid-missile range location puts some unusual constraints on the park. It’s only open from a little after sunrise to […]

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Dog Canyon

Hiking the Dog Canyon Trail at Oliver Lee State Park, NM

By     |    Nov 9, 2011
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It’s 2.9 miles to Frenchy’s cabin via the Dog Canyon Trail … and 1,500 feet up (Frenchy used the trail to move his cattle between his summer and winter grazing fields). Lisa mentioned the elevation change when we were starting, but it took a while to compute. Not until we started to make our way back down did I realize we had basically just climbed the staircase of the Sears […]

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Flags flapping, smoke billowing.

The Last Steam-Powered Locomotive Purchased by Union Pacific Crosses Our Path

By     |    Nov 8, 2011
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Yesterday started like many days — with a drive — but why were all those people hanging out along the railroad tracks? Curiosity got the better of us. Turns out, the last steam-powered locomotive purchased by Union Pacific was rolling through Alamogordo on its way to Texas. It’s now Union Pacific’s ambassador and flagship engine for special events. The train was mainly used as a passenger-hauler back when it was in […]

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Gelato Vero

Shout Out to Gelato Vero!

By     |    Nov 7, 2011
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Thanks to our pals at Gelato Vero for sponsoring us a drink in Taos, NM at the Adobe Bar in the Historic Taos Inn!  Of course we went for the local produce: a glass of Gruet sparkling wine for me and a Santa Fe pale ale for Paul.  The place was so gorgeous that I couldn’t even talk to anyone when I walked in.  I just stood there looking around […]

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Out Of The Blizzard And Into The Haboob

By     |    Nov 7, 2011
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Well, we survived a blizzard, and we survived Albuquerque.  Why not a haboob?  In haboob terms, this one wasn’t too bad, but it was our first.  We’re in the desert in New Mexico and all Paul could think about while driving was the red dot on our map, nearby, demarcating the site of the first nuclear bomb testing site. Had they fired off another?

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Goat hill

As It Happens, Time Isn’t Everything

By     |    Nov 5, 2011
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Given that we now have all the time in the world, I thought that we’d always be able to do all that we wanted.  As I am are discovering, though, time is not the only limiter.  The factor that’s elbowing in now?  Temperature.  Last night was the second night we spent in the van in temps in the mid-teens.  That’s just too cold.  So as painful as it is, we’ve […]

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Then it turned into this right after we got into New Mexico.

Well, We Got Snowed On

By     |    Nov 2, 2011
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Like the Donners on their way west, we too got snowed on … but we didn’t have to resort to cannibalism. Instead, we’re shacked up at a hotel in Raton, New Mexico. Now that the snow has stopped and we can see more than a few yards ahead, we can tell that this is a pretty cool town. We’ve already hit up their library, their local coffee shop, the Raton Museum, […]

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