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Hot and tasty Korean food.

Fueling up for London

By     |    Sep 10, 2012
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We had just under three weeks between our last day in the mountains and our flight to London. We spent it all, seemingly, eating. Here’s where we ended up: The Best Lunch Deal in Kansas City at Extra Virgin Happy Hour at Extra Virgin in Kansas City is amazing. But here’s the secret: it starts at 11:30AM, lunch time. It’s a lunch deal too. Many of their tapas are 50% […]

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Rocky got to rest in a driveway, but got blanketed with pollen.

We Play House As Suburban Yuppies

By     |    Apr 9, 2012
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We spent a few days in Kansas City at my sister’s place. It’s always fun stepping into another lifestyle. Here’s what I liked best. Neighbors are fun. We met a bunch of her neighbors this visit. They swarm around whoever seems to light the grill first in the evening. Then the parents circle the wagons and the kids attempt to tire each other out, the older ones keeping the younger […]

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