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Abandoned school.

Detroit is Dead, Long Live Detroit!

By     |    Apr 18, 2012
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Detroit is a ghost town. It’s just like Rhyolite in Death Valley and the Salton Sea. It’s dead. I was prepared to see empty lots and vacant properties and bombed-out buildings, but I wasn’t expecting a ghost town. The level of decay and neglect is astounding. There are entire office buildings left vacant. There are entire blocks of empty houses. There’s trash and litter everywhere. Belle Island Park feels like […]

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A Toledo, Ohio version of Detroit's finest encased meat creation.

Detroit’s Coney Dog

By     |    Apr 17, 2012
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In Detroit, you don’t eat hot dogs, you eat Coney Dogs — hot dogs topped with bean-free, all-meat chili and chopped onions and mustard. Dip into the Ohio-area and they’ll put cheese on it too. Yum. Note: This ain’t a New York thing.

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Downtown Detroit from Belle Isle.

Exploring Cities: The Detroit Edition

By     |    Apr 17, 2012
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You’re headed to a new city — how do you figure out what to do to get that total <insert city name here> experience? We found ourselves in this situation when we recently visited Detroit, so I turned to my old friend, the internet, for advice. I spent about an hour browsing a few online resources to find good food and good areas to explore. Generally, my go-to references for […]

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