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What is this thing? Does anyone know? It was growing under the pines like a mushroom.

The Flora and Fauna of The Breaks Interstate Park

By     |    Apr 25, 2012
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Crunch…crunch…crunch…snuffle snuffle. I really wanted to see a black bear in The Breaks Interstate Park, which straddles the border between Kentucky and Virginia, and this seemed like our chance. We were right next to the van, so we could jump in when it approached. Perfect. We waited, tense, for this stamping beast to appear. Finally it drew closer, and I realized that it could only have two legs. Was it […]

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Google Maps - Google Chrome_2012-04-21_19-55-13

Driving Directions: Breaks Interstate Park – Google Maps Tries To Kill Us

By     |    Apr 24, 2012
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We trust Google with most directions. I spend much of our driving days on the Google Maps Android app (while Lisa drives). Most days end up being uneventful — we just find where we want to go. Driving to Breaks Interstate Park … not so much. If you look at a map, you may think you can just take Highway 119  out of Charleston, WV to Highway 80 and, easy-peasy, […]

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