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Cooking Without A Kitchen

By     |    Nov 21, 2011
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We had hoped to create and share some amazing campstove recipes with you, but so far we’re having a tough time cooking anything but the most basic food.  Don’t worry, Moms, we are eating, but it’s the kind of food we made in college — survival food.  We’re talking pasta with sauce from a jar, “enhanced ramen” (just add veggies!), and soup from a can.  We love to cook, and […]

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Good brews.

Eating and Drinking in Bisbee, Arizona

By     |    Nov 16, 2011
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So we’ve been to one Arizona town, and we’re ready to move in. Bisbee is great. It’s home to my new favorite bar, St. Elmo’s on Brewery Gulch, and it’s home to a lot of other great restaurants and bars too. Here’s where we went and what we’re looking forward to trying on a return trip. Places We Went Jimmy’s Hot Dog Company — Here they serve perfect Chicago dogs complete […]

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Chips and salsas, drinks: yummy; pretty much everything else: meh.

El Update de Comida Mexicana

By     |    Nov 14, 2011
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We’re fans of Mexican food. We tried to find good tacos in Burlington, Vermont. We loved eating Mexican food in Chicago. Now we’re in New Mexico and searching for more. First thoughts: the Mexican fast food available here is so, so much better than Taco Bell. I have no idea why Taco Bell is so successful when relatively authentic food is so much more tasty. A Crunchwrap Supreme? A Mexican […]

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Poochie Wants Pumpkin | Dispatches From Terre Haute, IN

By     |    Oct 27, 2011
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Ultra-local papers are the best. They are a window into the soul of a town and its residents. This dispatch comes from The Weekly Crust of Terre Haute, IN. We grabbed a copy while eating at Wise Pies Pizza & Subs (it’s their paper).   Rocky Wants a Slate Oven Too Wise Pies now has a slate oven equipped pizza truck.  The first outing was during Terre Haute’s Blues Fest.  One of their […]

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RED ROCK SALOON - Milwaukee’s first countryrock inspired bar located in the hea_2011-10-25_07-42-50

Spicy Snot Wings at Red Rock Saloon, Milwaukee

By     |    Oct 26, 2011
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We’re at Red Rock Saloon in Milwaukee with our friends Archibald and Bunny and two other friends (names have been changed to protect the innocent). Archibald and Bunny like spicy food.  They like it so much that they grew habanero peppers this summer and have about a bushel of them at home in their kitchen.  It’s a supply for 13 lifetimes. Red Rock Saloon serves wings. Their spiciest non-waiver-required version […]

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Old Sugar

A Madison Weekend

By     |    Oct 17, 2011
Posted in: Bars, Booze, Beer, Etc., Food, Wisconsin     |    1 Comment

We’ve started, but it still doesn’t feel like we’ve started. Crashing with family and friends isn’t exactly roughing it – especially when they entertain you as well as Chris and Sarah entertained us this past weekend in Madison, WI. We’ve been to Madison quite a few times, so this time Sarah wanted to find a few places that were a little off the beaten path. Our first stop was Ale […]

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Pork spiedie at the Spiedie & Rib Pit, Binghamton, NY

A Spiedie, Speedy Fall

By     |    Oct 10, 2011
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Fall is happening fast.  The colors are a bit muted this year in the northeast.  The most popular theory is that the heavy rains of Hurricane Irene put too much moisture into the system and the leaves are browning out and dropping fast in most areas.  There are still pockets of blazing orange and brilliant yellow.  Our trip to Binghamton this weekend was beautiful.  Almost as beautiful as the spiedie […]

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Our Last* Dinner in Chicago

By     |    Sep 29, 2011
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We can’t keep this pace up.  Since Saturday, we’ve been enjoying our last dinners in Chicago.  My goodness. Saturday, we had our last* dinner with our friends Mark and Kathi.  It was our last gelato-themed dinner with Gelato Vero.  It was our last dinner at Kathi’s coach house (they’re moving).  But it wasn’t our last dinner with our good friends. Then Sunday, we were in the mood for Thai.  We […]

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The Tavern | Adirondack Park, Eagle Bay, NY

By     |    Aug 17, 2011
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Outside the sprawling metropolis of Old Forge (home of New York’s largest water theme park) lies the town of Eagle Bay, New York.  Eagle Bay is tiny.  Its population is under 300 and its main road is nearly its only road — route 28.  And it’s home to my new favorite restaurant and bar — The Tavern.  The Tavern serves two things: beers and burgers.  You can have your choice of lager. […]

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Late Night Food: Chicago’s Diner / Dinner Grill

By     |    Aug 2, 2011
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We’re at Ten Cat, and a gent walks into the bathroom.  Nothing new there, but we’re sitting in the back in the wine-barrel chairs and we’ve got a view of the scene and we notice it. And we notice it because when he comes out, he’s wearing a kilt — a full-blown, red wool kilt.  What the hell? A few minutes later a woman in a dress pops into the […]

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