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Yummy, yummy San Diego.

Share Your San Diego Fish Taco Recommendations!

By     |    Feb 7, 2012
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We’re in San Diego and loving the Mexican food. This town is no Vermont, that’s for sure. We’ve been to Rubio’s, Mr. Taco, and a place call La Cocina in Ramona. Where else should we go? We don’t want to miss any gems, but we’re only here for a few more days. Share your favorite places in the comments or on Twitter. Current target for lunch today is a place […]

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Pickle, Heid's chili dog, beer.

Ode to Hot Dogs: America’s Greatest Food

By     |    Jan 25, 2012
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There’s no food that I can think of as malleable and regional (and wonderful) as the hot dog. In Chicago it’s topped with nearly everything (except ketchup) and it’s amazing. In Arizona, the Mexican / Sonoran hot dogs are wrapped in mesquite-smoked bacon and are terrific. In upstate New York, you can get a Hofmann frank on a potato roll at Heid’s in Liverpool and it’s delicious. They all have […]

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Thank you, farmers' market, for allowing us to make such tasty tacos.

Eating Our Way Through Los Angeles, California

By     |    Jan 20, 2012
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Full full full. We’re full of good food thanks to LA. Loved eating here. I think the food sold us on this town. Me at least. I could live here. We get LA. The farmers’ market in January with multiple varieties of avocado? Yum. The fresh fish and cheap wine? Yum. The traffic? Meh. Not so bad, really. Pick a neighborhood and stay in it, just like in Chicago. You can […]

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Charlie Palmer Tries To Mr. Hankey On Our Christmas At Aureole

By     |    Jan 2, 2012
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Las Vegas is different now. I interned at UNLV one summer nearly a decade ago and got to know the city pretty well. I shopped at the grocery store where there were shootings. I bought tacos alongside prostitutes on their lunch breaks. I got to see too much of the real city and not enough of the fake. The internship money had to be budgeted to make it last the […]

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Ready for eating!

Mary’s Holiday Gift Granola

By     |    Dec 21, 2011
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Like all great recipes, the granola we enjoyed at Mary’s in Lake Havasu City has evolved over the years.   I loved it so much I persuaded Mary to give me the recipe to share (and to make when we finally have a real kitchen).  The original recipe is below in plain text, with Mary’s tweaks and adjustments in bold.  Granola is as much a personal preference as anything, so […]

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Olive Bar Puttanesca -- worth making at home.

Camping Recipe: Olive Bar Puttanesca

By     |    Dec 19, 2011
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“I have an idea,” Lisa said. She was about to blow my mind. “Let’s make a puttanesca sauce with olives and ingredients from the olive bar at the grocery store. We could add artichoke hearts. Maybe they have caper-stuffed olives.” Damn genius. Here’s what we did: Olive Bar Puttanesca Recipe (serves 2 hungry campers): 2 portions of pasta noodles (we’ve been eating Barilla Piccolini that has both whole grains and […]

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Pork, Pork Pastor, Carne Asada.

Eating Our Way Through Phoenix

By     |    Dec 16, 2011
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Phoenix was delicious. Well, the greater-Phoenix sprawlopolis was delicious. The metropolitan area feels endless when you’re stuck in it (Safeway, Walgreens, McDonald’s, rinse, repeat). We ended up at a bunch of great places. Here’s where we went and what you should try. Los Taquitos Tacos here are awesome and cheap (under $1.50). I had three (favorite: pork). Lisa had pazole. We were in heaven. Arrogant Butcher Just had a drink […]

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Eggs with Chorizo.

Big Breakfast: Eggs with Chorizo, Toasted Tortillas, and Cilantro

By     |    Dec 13, 2011
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We had left-over chorizo after making tacos one night, so I feasted on a  bigger-than-normal breakfast a few days after. First, I toasted the tortillas on the Coleman stove and gave them a little char. Then I cooked the chorizo. When it was nearly finished cooking, I made a little space for some eggs in the pan. I covered the pan so that the top of the eggs cooked too […]

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Dive Bar Serendipity in Tucson at The Buffet Bar and Crock Pot

By     |    Dec 8, 2011
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St. Elmo’s Bar in Bisbee was a lucky score, and our luck continued in Tucson at The Buffet Bar and Crock Pot thanks to Kelly Lewis, a free copy of Zocolo Magazine, and the Oro Valley Library.  Here’s how it went down: We’d been going to the Oro Valley Library to use its interwebs and chairs and tables, all of which are somewhat lacking in our van-home. I grabbed a Zocolo on […]

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The Sonoran Hot Dog, a Mexican Beauty!

Sonoran / Mexican Hot Dogs in Tucson at El Guero Canelo

By     |    Nov 22, 2011
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Chicago hot dog, I have and will always love you. We fell in love in Chicago nearly a decade ago, and I feasted on your tastiness in Bisbee, Arizona, where they import Vienna Beef hot dogs and poppy-seed buns. You are delicious and yummy and wonderful. But alas, I have a new love — the Sonoran hot dog. Now, Chicago dog, fear-not. My love is like that of a Morman polygamist […]

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