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Damn good pizza. Damn good town.

Aspen Has Great Pizza

By     |    Aug 30, 2012
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We didn’t think we’d like Aspen. We were expecting affluent assholes, pretentious pricks, and spoiled schoolkids. We were expecting Telluride. Telluride feels like it’s uncomfortable with its rich-town status. It asserts that its mine is still open, that it’s a working-class town. Which is bullshit, of course, the houses in town start at $2MM. Telluride is rich but self-conscious. It’s annoying and grating. Aspen is somehow the opposite. Aspen is […]

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Great tacos at Taco El Gordo in Vernal, UT.

Venereal Disease Tacos … I Mean Tacos in Vernal, Utah

By     |    Aug 24, 2012
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It was our last day in Utah. We’ve had a tough time here this trip. The state hasn’t always been nice to us. But on our last day, things aligned. We found fast internets at Vernal, Utah’s new library. Then we found some great tacos at Tacos El Gordo. According to Yelp, Tacos El Gordo is a bit odd. Its building was originally a gas station. For a while, the […]

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Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Supreme ... in repose.

Unboxing the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Supreme

By     |    Aug 17, 2012
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Well, firstly, this was no McGangBang (and also not authentico at all unlike these, these, and these), but it didn’t make me hate myself after eating it, so let’s call that a win. Secondly, let’s translate the name for the non-Spanglish speakers out there, Doritos Locos Taco Supreme means: crazy flavor-covered tortilla chips have hijacked your taco and covered it with more crazy. Anyway, I finally got to try the Taco […]

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Had to pound one taco before I was collected enough to snap a pic.

Yummy Tacos in Sonoma

By     |    Aug 14, 2012
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This is why it’s so tough to stay angry at California: Mexican food. Goddamn it’s good here. We had an amazing lunch at a food truck along the side of the road in Sonoma, just north of Healdsburg at the Taqueria Guanajualo Taco Truck. Lisa got a Chorizo-filled quesadilla. I had a grab-bag of three tacos. Everything was amazing. Leaving Oregon, we had lunch at a Mexican place in Brookings. […]

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Oysters at Cafe Reyes.

Goodbye, Oysters

By     |    Aug 13, 2012
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After we turn in towards Sonoma, it’s all east from there on out. We’ll say goodbye to the Pacific … and its oysters. Sad day. Of course, it’s going to be tough to be more awesome than Indian Pass in Florida or Willapa Bay in Washington. Those places were amazing. And cheap. But as we headed south, we were leaving ‘cheap’ far behind. Here are your options for oysters in […]

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Yum...a tasty and simple blue cheese sauce.

Camping Recipe: Blue Cheese Sauce

By     |    Aug 8, 2012
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One of our favorite treats from our local Chicago corner restaurant was an appetizer of potato chips covered with blue cheese sauce and Tabasco. It was always so indulgent, and it always seemed like something we’d never be able to make at home. But in Oregon, craving something fatty to help us battle the cold dampness, we decided to give it a try on our Coleman. For those of you […]

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Oysters at Oyster Shack, South Bend, WA.

We Luck Into Willapa Bay Oysters

By     |    Jul 31, 2012
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It was Jeff’s tip that aimed us towards Willapa Bay. He mentioned an oyster place he liked, located right on the bay in Bay Center. We found Bay Center, but we never found the restaurant. We drove every road in town, some of them twice, a couple three times, and couldn’t find it. But we found a whole lot more. An Afternoon Snack at Oyster Shack We needed a snack as […]

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Digging in.

Oysterless in Seattle or We Find Oysters at The Walrus and The Carpenter

By     |    Jul 25, 2012
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I was excited to be in Seattle, close to the ocean, and nearer to oysters again. I’d just read about Olympia Oysters in a book … publushed in the ’70s. Turns out they were nearly extinct for a bit. They’re not at a store near you. Hopefully we can find some near Netarts Bay, Oregon. I last had oysters in Florida, basically a decade ago. Fortunately / unfortunately, the Florida Apalachicola […]

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Scaleburger: over-seasoned with anticipation.

A Tale of Three Burgers

By     |    Jul 24, 2012
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Cheeseburgers are everywhere. Good ones are rare (cooked medium). We’ve found a bunch of good burgers on the trip so far — they just might be the ultimate road food. We were on our way to Rainier and we already knew where we’d be getting lunch as we drove out of the park: Scaleburger. Thinking about burgers made us want burgers, so we stopped at Sonic. Then after arriving in […]

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"Seasonal" vegetables.

Restaurant Theory: Moose’s Saloon vs. Glacier National Park’s Swiss Lounge

By     |    Jul 12, 2012
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Moose’s is a sawdust-on-the-floor type place and it’s got me thinking about value. I mean, some restaurants just feel like they’re robbing you, like they only exist to take your money. Moose’s Saloon isn’t one of those. Yeah, the pizza crust is frozen, cookie-cutter cardboard, but the toppings are fresh and good and the thing is cooked perfectly. Something else is going on. Let me take a step back. In […]

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