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Mmmm ... beer.

“Montreal Style” Pizza at Ottawa’s Big Rig Brewery

By     |    Oct 24, 2012
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After an afternoon at our local IKEA … in Ontario, Canada (Ottawa, to be exact), we were in need of a beer and a bite. Big Rig Brewery promised both. First: the beer. I got the sampler (Golden, Red, IPA, Stout). Lisa ordered a pint of the brown ale. All were tasty. Lisa even liked their red ale (Lisa typically hates red ales). The brown ale was superb. We ordered […]

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Chicken Riggies!

Chicken Riggies

By     |    Oct 9, 2012
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I really love discovering regional dishes (like the Sonoran hot dog and Binghamton Spiedie), what’s wonderful is that we’re STILL discovering fun, regional dishes, like chicken riggies, in places that we’ve been countless times. Well, I am at least. Lisa’s had this one. Chicken riggies is from the Utica/Rome, New York area. It’s chicken, rigatoni (the “riggies,” natch), hot or sweet peppers, and creamy tomato sauce. It’s tasty, and I’ve never seen […]

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What a delicious tradition!

Britain’s Greatest Culinary Tradition: Sunday Roast

By     |    Oct 5, 2012
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I love the idea of Sunday roast. No, not the kind where you berate your supposed friend and mock his achievements (that only happens on Comedy Central), the one where you make a delicious meal with friends and family. That kind of roast. Sunday roast is just wonderful. It’s usually a lunch affair, traditionally involving some sort of roasted meat, potatoes, other veg (UK-speak for vegetable), and a “pudding”. “Pudding” is […]

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Liquefied pico de gallo

Good Mexican food in London — impossible? We visit Chipotle to find out.

By     |    Oct 2, 2012
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British food is not bland, dull, or horrible. Portion sizes are generally not that much smaller than the massive piles of food we’ve come to expect in the US. In fact, the food is pretty much…the same as it is in the US. And there’s a reason for that — a reason outlined over 500+ pages in a fascinating book I recently read, Eating In America: as you may recall, […]

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Scotch Eggs are £0.95 at Marks & Spencer, where this one is from. This one would get rave reviews at any US gastropub.

A Tale of Three Scotch Eggs

By     |    Oct 1, 2012
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Scotch eggs are a novelty in the States. They’re the hip new thing that gastropubs serve. I think we first had them in Chicago at either The Gage or Longman & Eagle. Not sure … it may have even been at Three Floyds brewery in Indiana. They’re slowly creeping into the beer-food culture. To the uninitiated, Scotch eggs are hard-boiled eggs covered in sausage and breading then deep-fried. They’re delicious […]

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British Cuisine __ on Toast  Driving Inertia - Google Chrome_2012-09-24_13-17-10

British Cuisine: __ on Toast

By     |    Sep 26, 2012
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There’s something going on with British cuisine. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good. We haven’t had a bad meal yet (don’t believe the rumors). Not even close. But there’s this fascination with things on toast. We had grouse offal on toast at St. John Bread and Wine. We’ve had mushrooms on toast at The Fox. The other day, we were at a pub early and the staff dinner was something unidentifiable served […]

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Dessert! Madeleines and Chocolate Ice Cream.

Offal Lunch at St. John Bread and Wine

By     |    Sep 25, 2012
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I cut into it and it spewed, simple as that. Not a bad spew. Just a spew. Didn’t want Lisa to see though, so I mopped it up and shoved it in my mouth. Damn, it was tasty. “What was that?” she asked. “I’ll tell you later,” I told her. “Tell me now,” she insisted. “Better later.” I kept chewing, but I couldn’t convince her. So I told her: “The […]

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Hot and tasty Korean food.

Fueling up for London

By     |    Sep 10, 2012
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We had just under three weeks between our last day in the mountains and our flight to London. We spent it all, seemingly, eating. Here’s where we ended up: The Best Lunch Deal in Kansas City at Extra Virgin Happy Hour at Extra Virgin in Kansas City is amazing. But here’s the secret: it starts at 11:30AM, lunch time. It’s a lunch deal too. Many of their tapas are 50% […]

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IMAG0059 (Small)

Chipotle, Chipotle, Chipotle! A pilgrimage to the original Chipotle in Denver.

By     |    Aug 31, 2012
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According to Wikipedia (today’s definer of choice!) a pilgrimage is… …a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Typically, it is a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person’s beliefs and faith…many religions attach spiritual importance to particular places: the place of birth or death of founders or saints, or to the place of their “calling” or spiritual awakening, or of their connection…with the […]

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Yummy, yummy Coors. I mean MillerCoors. Perfect for my Milwaukee roots.

Colorado Mountain Towns

By     |    Aug 31, 2012
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I was really looking forward to returning to Colorado and exploring a few more mountain towns. Here’s where we stopped and what we liked: View Larger Map Grand Junction Grand Junction, even though it’s right next to Colorado National Monument, doesn’t feel like a Colorado town to me. It’s too big and sprawling, too dried out and desert-y. Colorado National Monument feels like Utah. North of the town, there’s a […]

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