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A group of RVs in what I call the Wagon Circle formation.

Boondocking: An Outsider’s Perspective on Dispersed RV Living

By     |    Feb 24, 2012
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In just about every campground, we find them. They’re the snowbirds, the kind and retired folks who’ve set up shop in this place for as long as they’re allowed before moving on to the next site (each campground has different limits on length of stay; two weeks seems typical). We’ve thought that many places we’ve come across on our journeys have been ideal snowbird locales, but it turns out that there […]

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Unofficial beach access at Point Mugu SP. Not recommended at high tide.

Some of My Favorite Pics From Places We Might Not Write About

By     |    Feb 23, 2012
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We’ve been to so many interesting and beautiful places, but when it comes down to it, we’re just not going to write an essay, say, on the Sycamore Canyon campground at Point Mugu State Park (summary: fun, cold, dramatic). But, since my camera has become even more attached to me than ever before, I’m still taking pictures of just about every stop and movement. If it’s not captured on film, […]

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Final product. It's yummy.

Uncle Paul’s “Raw” Californian Vegan Chili

By     |    Feb 22, 2012
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We wanted a hearty meal, but we didn’t want to light the stove. Remembering a good white bean-based salad we once had (with parsley and red onion), we concocted this: 1 can mixed beans, rinsed (our can had black, kidney, and pinto) ½ diced onion (we used a white one) ½ can diced tomatoes, drained (you could use fresh ones, just get rid of the extra water) 1 handful chopped […]

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P1120293 (Small)

Heading into Paso Robles Wine Country – Any Recommendations?

By     |    Feb 21, 2012
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Today we’re headed into Big Sur after making our way north from San Diego. We’re pretty excited for the change of scenery and the prospect of some hot springs. After that, we’re heading into Paso Robles and looking forward to checking out the area and sampling some wine. Maybe we’ll even find some $5 bottles. Who knows? So far we’ve been pointed towards Peach Canyon, Adelaida, Daou, and J. Lohr (champ […]

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Beach walking.

Jalama Beach: Cheeseburgers in Paradise

By     |    Feb 21, 2012
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Look at Jalama Beach on a map — it doesn’t look like much, does it? It’s just a tiny red dot, close to evil-sounding towns like Solvang and Lompoc. It’s on a sharp bend in the Californian coast, where the land had been moving west but suddenly decided to correct itself and proceed again to the north. To the north, Jalama Beach is bounded by a large air force base. To […]

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Street signs in Carpenteria. Cue the swoon.

Carpinteria is Perfect! What’s it Hiding?

By     |    Feb 20, 2012
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Honestly, this town is perfect. Carpinteria (“Carp” if you’re a local) is filled with tiny beach bungalows. The downtown isn’t a bar-free pieland like in Julian. And not only are there bars, there’s a damn microbrewery. And if you’re in the middle of downtown, you can walk to the beach a couple blocks away, or hike straight to Los Padres National Forest and the mountains a few miles away (water proximity […]

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Jalama Burger, tastes better than my phone's white balance.

Jalama Beach Park: Beach; Burger; Beer; Rinse. Repeat.

By     |    Feb 20, 2012
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We’ve found the best beach camping spot in California (so far): Jalama Beach (say: Ha-Llama). It’s perfect right now, their off-season. We’re one of only a handful of people camping here. There’s no cell service, no WiFi, no neighboring town, no brewery. There’s not even a Pizza Port in walking distance. This place is remote. To the north is an air force base. To the south, basically nothing. But here’s what they do […]

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Beers at Island Brewing Company.

Island Brewing Company: Camping with a Brew and a View in Carpinteria

By     |    Feb 17, 2012
Posted in: Bars, Booze, Beer, Etc., California     |    2 Comments

The other day, I said something about how I was tiring of craft IPA and how everybody was making the same thing anyway and implied that maybe the whole craft beer thing was a racket that I was about done with. Then I read a few of my older posts and realized that what I didn’t like about the beers I was drinking was what I didn’t like about the […]

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Hiking back to the MASH site along Malibu Creek.

Malibu is Paradise

By     |    Feb 16, 2012
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Malibu is incredible. I’m not talking about the movie star homes of Malibu. I’m talking about the wild Malibu, the areas you’ll find just a few miles from the beach, nestled back in the hills, far from the petty concerns of beach condo-mansion living. Most of this land was preserved in its mostly natural state because it was purchased and used as ranches by movie business people. Malibu Creek State Park […]

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Famous, right?

Hiking the M.A.S.H. Trail in Malibu

By     |    Feb 16, 2012
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The first mile was easy and uneventful, but as the trail narrowed, we were ambushed (apparently). Shots rang out and soon the valley was a filled with battle cries and the sounds of gunfire. The river gurgled past uncaringly, ready to receive the gallons of blood that would shortly be spilled (surely). Lisa and I barely escaped. If it wasn’t for the bravery of the stick-wielding Boy Scouts, we would […]

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