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Thumbs-up from Lisa.

And We’re Back…ish

By     |    Jan 11, 2019
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Well, hello! It’s been a while. Where were we? Chicago. Right. We’re not there any more. We were there a little over three years. We had hoped to pull off a bit of a gravitational slingshot maneuver — swing through the metropolis one more time before getting enough momentum to really get moving. We’ll see if we’ve pulled it off. To recap, in late 2011 we headed out of Chicago […]

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Cheap camera, dumb phone, money belt, password, flashlight. Ready for anything.

The Paranoid Traveler’s Packing List

By     |    Mar 31, 2014
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Travel involves risk. Where you travel impacts the level of risk you undertake. If you’re going to Peoria, you’re probably pretty safe. But what if you’re heading someplace not-so-safe? Yes, you might get hurt. You might get sick. You might miss your flight connection and end up on a bus to Shanghai  instead of a comfortable flight. Those are all risks. But the biggest risk you face is probably theft. […]

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My unlocked Alcatel + GoSIM on the left; Moto X from Republic Wireless on the right.

The Best Phone Service for International Travelers

By     |    Feb 12, 2014
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Can you imagine Columbus sailing across the Atlantic, going months without Instagram and SMS only to find that instead of landing in India where he had purchase international data roaming, he ended up in America, a new damn country with cell phones operating on an entirely different frequency? Yeah, I bet it sucked. Don’t make the same mistakes as Columbus. Here are your best bets for ensuring your mobile phone […]

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Mr. Two-Phones in London.

Prepping for another European adventure

By     |    Sep 17, 2013
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We’ve got a trip to Europe on the horizon, and the preparations have begun. I’ve got our hotels starred on my Google Map. I’ve got those maps downloaded to my phone so I don’t need a data connection to navigate when we arrive. I’m starting to plan out what tech I’ll bring and what I’ll leave behind. Here’s what I’m thinking so far: Bring: Smartphone // Leave Behind: Data Plan […]

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A Review of @nomadicmatt’s How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

By     |    Mar 14, 2013
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We picked up a copy of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day a few weeks ago because we like Nomadic Matt’s blog. Matt’s blog is one of the reason’s we are planing on going to Budapest this year. I was planning to write a full review, but Tim Leffel over at the Cheapest Destinations Blog beat me to it and did a better job that I would have done […]

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Beautiful Budapest [Photo: Marco Martins-Costa]

Budapest Inspiration from @RickSteves, @AsWeTravel, and @nomadicmatt

By     |    Mar 5, 2013
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We’re in the early stages of planning a return trip to Europe. Brussels, Amsterdam, and Bruges are on the list. Where else? We’re thinking Budapest. Lisa first caught the Budapest bug in London. One of our London buddies had recently visited Budapest and loved it. His stories planted the seed. Once it was on our minds, we started seeing the city mentioned everywhere! Here’s a list of people who have […]

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Budget for a Road Trip: The Cost of Our Year on the Road

By     |    Feb 12, 2013
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Life on the road can be expensive, so start thinking about your budget early. When you know how much you need to save, you’ll be less tempted to draw down your savings account balance for goal-hurting purchases. Your budget is going to be unique to you, your tastes and preferences, and what you prefer to spend money on. We hope that using us as an example helps you think through […]

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Q1 2013 Travel Plans

By     |    Dec 27, 2012
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Enough moaning, time to start planning. Here are the places in the running for a Q1 Driving Inertia visit: New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn). We’ve never been to Brooklyn minus passing through it on the way to Manhattan. 2013 is our year. This one has to happen in January before our Chicago buddies head back to Chicago.  Florida. We want to get back to the St. Joseph peninsula, get some self-serve […]

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Our comfy bed.

The Ultimate packing list: what you need (and don’t need) to live in a van for a year

By     |    Oct 22, 2012
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We’ve unloaded our van and turned it back into a normal passenger vehicle. It’s terrible. It seems so strange to drive around in a normal minivan — I imagine it’s similar to how you’d feel if you dyed your bright blue hair back to black for a job interview. You’d walk around thinking, “I used to be a cool dude with bright blue hair! Remember?” That’s kind of how CoCoVan […]

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You want a piece of the Dollar Knife?

Beware of the Dollar Knife

By     |    Jul 9, 2012
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I pity the fool without a dollar knife. I pity the fool foolish enough to mess with another fool that’s purchased the dollar knife. I pity anything attempted to be cut with the dollar knife because it will not be cut clean, it will be crushed and sawed and mangled. But it will be cut. You can get your own dollar knife at Walmart. It’ll cost $1 even, and, if […]

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