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A rest stop in the middle of Oklahoma.

Bathrooms: A How To Guide

By     |    Nov 9, 2012
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Why is it that people feel the need to post signs in restrooms telling you how to use the bathroom? We spotted so many — here are some of my favorites. 1. Rest area in Oklahoma: 2. Passive-aggressive note in a coffee shop in northern Wisconsin: 3. Campground in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado: 4. Public toilet in downtown Taos, New Mexico: 5. Olympic National Park Hoh Rainforest visitor’s center, […]

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Our comfy bed.

The Ultimate packing list: what you need (and don’t need) to live in a van for a year

By     |    Oct 22, 2012
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We’ve unloaded our van and turned it back into a normal passenger vehicle. It’s terrible. It seems so strange to drive around in a normal minivan — I imagine it’s similar to how you’d feel if you dyed your bright blue hair back to black for a job interview. You’d walk around thinking, “I used to be a cool dude with bright blue hair! Remember?” That’s kind of how CoCoVan […]

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Stealthy in Seattle.

The Stealth Night

By     |    Aug 3, 2012
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When we originally selected our trip vehicle, we were going for inconspicuousness. Just in case…just in case we got in a bind and needed to sleep on a street or at a rest area. Just in case we needed to blend in — in case we needed to go stealth. This was a worst-case scenario for me, something to be avoided at all costs — but something I had to […]

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Look at this pile of Douglas Fir!

Trail Booty: What We’ve Found

By     |    Aug 1, 2012
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I love the Mountain Gazette, the west’s great free adventure magazine. Recently, we read an article about trail booty, the stuff you find while playing outdoors. Here’s what we’ve found so far:  4GB SD memory card found along the Million Dollar Highway. We were keen to try to return this to its owner, but the thing was blank. Note to readers: if you want your photos back, you might want […]

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Not all bathrooms are as nice as this one in Yellowstone.

Close The Lid! Pit Toilets Explained

By     |    Jul 19, 2012
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We’ve been at a lot of campgrounds lately with pit toilets. Sometimes, if the place is extra-classy, they’re referred to as ‘vault’ toilets. Secure storage for your shit. There seems to be some confusion on how to use them. Let me explain; it’s simple, really. First, you enter the building. Open the door, check for spiders (if you’re like Lisa), close the door, lock it, open the lid, prepare to […]

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Read the rest!

Did we follow our travel guidelines from July 2011?

By     |    Jun 20, 2012
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About one year ago, we were finishing up work on our condo, interviewing agents, and preparing to list the place. We were still unsure whether our trip would ever get off the ground — it all depended on our condo sale and the market didn’t look too great for condos in Chicago. We were prepared for a long wait, but as we all now know, we ended up getting wildly […]

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Downtown Detroit from Belle Isle.

Exploring Cities: The Detroit Edition

By     |    Apr 17, 2012
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You’re headed to a new city — how do you figure out what to do to get that total <insert city name here> experience? We found ourselves in this situation when we recently visited Detroit, so I turned to my old friend, the internet, for advice. I spent about an hour browsing a few online resources to find good food and good areas to explore. Generally, my go-to references for […]

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The tent.

The Best Camping Gear

By     |    Apr 6, 2012
Posted in: Adventure How To, Adventure Prep     |    7 Comments

My family is a camping family, and through trial and error, they’ve found the best gear to make camping as easy and comfortable as it can get. Over multiple Christmases, we’ve been equipped with the gear that has made our non-van camping days possible, and, dare I say it, pleasant. Hopefully we can help save you some effort in finding the best camping gear. And I should note that this […]

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What season is it, anyway?

State of the Trip: First Quarter

By     |    Jan 25, 2012
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We’re about three and a half months into our twelve month trip, so we thought it was about time for a quarterly status report. Rather than create a formal report, which would need to be audited for accuracy by someone like KPMG, we thought we’d just answer some of the common questions we’ve been receiving. How’s it going so far? So far, so good. The first few weeks were by […]

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Tecopa hot springs from above.

A Failed-Flasher’s Guide to Death Valley Showers and Baths

By     |    Jan 17, 2012
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“Yeah, the Hearst Castle is amazing. The guest houses are four-bedroom mansions! Can you believe that? I’ve been there 10 times.” I’m getting travel tips from a gent that’s probably 60+ years old. He works in the area and just finished a night shift. I assume he works at one of the casinos in Pahrump, but I don’t get a chance to ask. He’s got old-man glasses and calloused hands. His glasses keep fogging […]

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