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Hot and tasty Korean food.

Fueling up for London

By     |    Sep 10, 2012
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We had just under three weeks between our last day in the mountains and our flight to London. We spent it all, seemingly, eating. Here’s where we ended up: The Best Lunch Deal in Kansas City at Extra Virgin Happy Hour at Extra Virgin in Kansas City is amazing. But here’s the secret: it starts at 11:30AM, lunch time. It’s a lunch deal too. Many of their tapas are 50% […]

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Next Stop: London

By     |    Sep 7, 2012
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Well, we leave for London this weekend. We can’t wait. We’ll be van-free for the first time in months. Instead of piling stuff in the van and cooking on the Coleman, we’ll be strolling down Piccadilly and searching for chicken tikka. We’ve got to fit everything we need into a suitcase instead of a minivan. And that’s been tricky. We couldn’t find our power converter in our midden of a storage closet. […]

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Ship looming on the horizon.

Road Crazies in Kansas

By     |    Sep 5, 2012
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I saw the ship on the horizon and pointed it out to Lisa. Then the shooting started. Tat-tat-ta-ta-tat! I ducked under the dashboard. Lisa swerved. Tat-tat-ta-ta-tat! Goddamn. They were firing at us. Tat-tat-ta-ta-tat! “Speed up, Lisa, speed up!” I yelled. “Put the hammer down!” Tat-tat-ta-ta-tat! “What about that island? Let’s hide on the island.” she said. She pointed to the island on the horizon to the right. Tat-tat-ta-ta-tat! “We’ll be sitting ducks there. […]

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Yummy, yummy Coors. I mean MillerCoors. Perfect for my Milwaukee roots.

Colorado Mountain Towns

By     |    Aug 31, 2012
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I was really looking forward to returning to Colorado and exploring a few more mountain towns. Here’s where we stopped and what we liked: View Larger Map Grand Junction Grand Junction, even though it’s right next to Colorado National Monument, doesn’t feel like a Colorado town to me. It’s too big and sprawling, too dried out and desert-y. Colorado National Monument feels like Utah. North of the town, there’s a […]

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All downhill from here ...

Independence Pass, Colorado

By     |    Aug 30, 2012
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As if Aspen couldn’t get any better, we drove out of town over one of the coolest passes of the trip — Independence Pass. Why is it awesome? Well, the US Pro Cycling Challenge just biked over it (full route). The road from Aspen narrows and widens oddly and inconsistently all the way up the slope. There’s an old ghost town near the top. It’s too difficult to maintain in winter, […]

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Damn good pizza. Damn good town.

Aspen Has Great Pizza

By     |    Aug 30, 2012
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We didn’t think we’d like Aspen. We were expecting affluent assholes, pretentious pricks, and spoiled schoolkids. We were expecting Telluride. Telluride feels like it’s uncomfortable with its rich-town status. It asserts that its mine is still open, that it’s a working-class town. Which is bullshit, of course, the houses in town start at $2MM. Telluride is rich but self-conscious. It’s annoying and grating. Aspen is somehow the opposite. Aspen is […]

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What a town. Note the mountain proximity. [LAM]

No Bike Locks in Crested Butte, Colorado

By     |    Aug 29, 2012
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Crested Butte isn’t the most accessible town. If you want to arrive via dirt road, you have some options (in the summer). If you want to stick to pavement, you’ve only got one choice — Highway 135, up the valley from the south. Maybe it’s the accessibility that does it, the controlled access, but I don’t think so. This is a friendly town, but it can’t be that friendly, can it? It […]

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Dinosaur, Colorado.

Now Entering Colorado!

By     |    Aug 27, 2012
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Man, I was so excited to be back in Colorado. Even the billboards were excited for us to arrive — “Real beer is worth the drive,” they proclaimed. Soon we’d be able to buy Fat Tire beer, Lisa’s favorite. Our first stop: Dinosaur, Colorado. We checked it out on Google Maps. There’s Brontosaurus Boulevard, Stegosaurus Way, Triceratops Terrace. How cute, right? Well … Dinosaur, Colorado is a bit of a shithole, […]

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Great tacos at Taco El Gordo in Vernal, UT.

Venereal Disease Tacos … I Mean Tacos in Vernal, Utah

By     |    Aug 24, 2012
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It was our last day in Utah. We’ve had a tough time here this trip. The state hasn’t always been nice to us. But on our last day, things aligned. We found fast internets at Vernal, Utah’s new library. Then we found some great tacos at Tacos El Gordo. According to Yelp, Tacos El Gordo is a bit odd. Its building was originally a gas station. For a while, the […]

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Lisa gambles one last dollar at the Border Inn before succumbing to strict chastity in Utah.

The Utah-Nevada Border Inn

By     |    Aug 23, 2012
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The Border Inn sits just outside Baker, Nevada along Highway 50. It straddles the border … literally. On the Nevada side, you can get a breakfast beer, play a slot machine, and buy coffee. On the Utah side, you can fill up on gasoline or rent a motel room. It’s a good illustration of how porous our state laws are. Don’t like the Boston sales tax? Do your shopping a few […]

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