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Making In-N-Out Animal-Style Burgers at Home

By     |    Jul 10, 2014
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Coworker: “Can you go to California in two weeks? We need someone to do a field study for one of our clients and the regular team is booked.” Lisa: “California? Absolutely.” Coworker: “Don’t you need to check with your husband or something?” Lisa: “No, no, I’m good. I can do it. No problem.” Lisa’s stomach: ANIMAL-STYLE BURGERS!!!!!!!1!! WILL DO ANYTHING FOR IN-N-OUT ANIMAL-STYLE BURGERS!!!!!!!!! —– California. —– A few In-N-Out […]

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Back to the Corporate World

By     |    Jul 16, 2013
Posted in: Jobs, Money, Reality     |    3 Comments

We’re headed back…back to the corporate world. It’s OK, I’ll wait a minute while you check the date. No, it’s not April 1st. No, really, this is not a joke. I’ve been offered a job, a job in the corporate world, which I’ve accepted. Yes, really. This is something we were told we wouldn’t be able to do. If we quit our corporate jobs, people said, that was it. We’d […]

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The view from my Caribbean island.

Phantom Travel and Wanderlust

By     |    Mar 21, 2013
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Paul was gone for four days. Driving home from work Sunday night, my head was full of ideas. Ideas about where I could go in four days. I didn’t want to go back to our apartment…I wanted to go somewhere else. Let’s see… I could drive to Florida! It’d only take 20 hours. I could probably do that straight, right? I could camp on the beach for two days before […]

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The History of the Half Moon / Black and White Cookie

By     |    Feb 19, 2013
Posted in: Food, New York     |    8 Comments

I grew up eating Half Moon cookies. But I had never had a NYC-style Half Moon cookie (OK, OK: a Black and White cookie) until last weekend. NYC is so good at so many things: bagels, pizza, overwhelming crowds of people. How could it get the Black and White cookie so wrong? I had to do a little research. I discovered that there’s surprisingly little information out there about Half Moon […]

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Budget for a Road Trip: The Cost of Our Year on the Road

By     |    Feb 12, 2013
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Life on the road can be expensive, so start thinking about your budget early. When you know how much you need to save, you’ll be less tempted to draw down your savings account balance for goal-hurting purchases. Your budget is going to be unique to you, your tastes and preferences, and what you prefer to spend money on. We hope that using us as an example helps you think through […]

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Our daily expenses

Save Money While on the Road

By     |    Feb 7, 2013
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Once you’ve saved enough money to take a road trip, how do you make that money last as long as possible? Set a daily budget The first lesson of a daily budget is that you’ll often exceed your daily budget. Our daily goal was to spend a maximum of $100 ($75 in cheaper areas) on discretionary items (camping, hotels, gas, food, drinks, supplies, and shopping). Some days will be more […]

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What’s my address? Finding a place for your mail during long-term travel.

By     |    Feb 5, 2013
Posted in: Adventure How To, Travel     |    1 Comment

If you’re embarking on a long-term trip and selling your home or moving out of your apartment, you’ll need to find a new destination for your mail. You might be tempted to think that you can go without mail during a long-term trip, but you still need an address, even in this age of paperless statements, to receive critical pieces of mail – especially around tax time. First: reduce the […]

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Beautiful Portland...loved by so many...other people.

I don’t like your city. Help me get over it.

By     |    Jan 31, 2013
Posted in: Adventure How To, Travel     |    3 Comments

We’re still getting flack in the comments on our posts about cities that didn’t resonate with us: Austin, Salt Lake City, Savannah, Provo, the Salton Sea, Portland. The intense anger that others feel, just from knowing that two people — two strangers whom they probably wouldn’t like anyway — didn’t like their city continues to strike me as odd. This passage from The Best American Travel Writing (2000 edition), by editor and […]

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Jobs: I [finally] have one!

By     |    Jan 29, 2013
Posted in: Ithaca, Jobs, Reality, Trumansburg     |    2 Comments

For the first time in a year and a half, I will be working for someone else. For the first time in a year and a half, I’ll be receiving a paycheck! Starting at the end of January, I’ll be working in the tasting room at a winery on beautiful Seneca Lake. After three months of job searching, all I can say is: phew. That was kind of tough. If […]

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Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Camping Tips: Finding Great Campgrounds and Campsites

By     |    Jan 29, 2013
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On the road, we often spent a large part of our day figuring out where we’d stay each night. Sometimes it was stressful – if a planned campground didn’t work out, we’d need to start our search over at the beginning. We learned that it was helpful to always have a backup plan – and to have a backup plan for your backup plan. We prefer to camp in public […]

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