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High Ten and Lime … Wait, Ten High Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and Lime

Well, it’s come to this: the $7.99 bottle of booze. For just under $8, we got 750mL of brown-colored booze flavored like whiskey in a plastic travel-ready bottle. Pretty sweet deal, eh? I couldn’t help but read the name as “High Ten” instead of “Ten High” — it just makes more sense that way. Ten High? That’s a pretty shitty poker hand. High Ten? Now that just sounds delicious. From […]

9 Feb

Beam Rye: Utility Whiskey

Maybe it’s the warmer weather, I don’t really know, but I haven’t bought a bottle of whiskey in weeks. My last was a bottle of Jim Beam Rye. We finished it back in Death Valley. The last whiskey I’ve had was a peaty and tasty Scotch in Boise, ID. Maybe it’s the wine — we’ve had good luck finding good wine deals in California. Or maybe it’s because I’m having […]

9 Dec

Mission: Good, Cheap Wine

I like wine…good, expensive wine.  I am a little bit of a wine snob.  So now that we’re on a strict budget, I’ve made it my mission to find decent, cheap wine that is palatable to this little snob.  Because we don’t have reliable refrigeration (and because there’s nothing worse than warm, cheap white wine), this search has to be limited to the best cheap red wine. First I thought I […]

23 Feb

Drink Edward Abbey’s Magic Tea

Edward Abbey’s Magic Tea follows a very simple recipe: brew tea, add Bourbon. It’s delicious. I’ve been having a mug (or two or three) when it cools off along the beach at night. Tastes great in the salty, fresh air. I highly recommend using jasmine tea. No caffeine and the flavors are really great together. Warning: Not as good in the morning if you let the mug sit out overnight […]

31 Oct
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Next Stop: Dodge City … Maybe

We’re free of obligation and headed west. After a great weekend in Kansas City and stops in Indianapolis and Terre Haute, we’re headed towards New Mexico by way of Dodge City, and wherever else we want to visit. We’ll get there … sometime. This is the first real bit of the trip for us. Until now, it’s been visiting friends and family and bouncing around places we’ve largely been before […]

8 Oct
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Week One Has Been Fun

We’re a week in.  Seven days ago we woke up in Chicago, loaded everything into our van, and headed north to Wisconsin.  Now we’re in Upstate New York for a wedding.  Later today, we’ll have spiedies, a Binghamton specialty (FYI: don’t spell them “speedy” — “the term “spiedie” comes from the Italian spiedo meaning spit or spiedini referring to cubes or balls of meat cooked on a skewer“).  I can’t wait — maybe […]

28 Jan
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Tips and Entertainment

a Tips, tricks, booze, food, entertainment   Read on for help with Adventure Prep and Expert Guidance… Camping and hiking Campground showers: how to shower in three minutes Finding campgrounds and campsites The best camping gear Close the lid! Pit toilets explained. Moab’s Sand Flats Recreation Area takes the prize for worst toilet in the US! Trail booty Hiking etiquette Money The best checking account for travelers, vagabonds, and dirtbags Tips to […]

20 Jun

Did we follow our travel guidelines from July 2011?

About one year ago, we were finishing up work on our condo, interviewing agents, and preparing to list the place. We were still unsure whether our trip would ever get off the ground — it all depended on our condo sale and the market didn’t look too great for condos in Chicago. We were prepared for a long wait, but as we all now know, we ended up getting wildly […]

2 Jan
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Top Posts of 2011 on

We’re jumping on the year-end nostalgia conga line even though we’ve only been travelling full time for the last three months. We have, however, been blogging for all of 2011. Here’s what was popular. Top 3 Topics of 2011 The Biosphere 2 gallery post. Damn,, thanks for the link. And thank you, too, [FYI — ALL the cool sites are linking to us, so if you have a […]

19 Dec

Wino Update

We’ll start this week off with a little bit of a rant about snobbery, specifically my wine snobbery.  The past few days we stayed with Mary, a family friend of Paul’s, in Lake Havasu City, AZ. (Her husband, Mike, was elk hunting in New Mexico.)  Mary spoiled us rotten.  She even went out of her way to pick up a bottle of Zinfandel for me — “I went to a […]