What Would You Say You Do Here? Well, Bob …

2 Feb
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We get a lot of questions about what we do on a typical day, how we spend our time. It’s funny, because some days I still feel like we’re “wasting” time, but when I look back on how I spent my time in the past … we’re far from wasting anything right now.

So the typical day, then. That’s tough. We’re always moving, heading to a new spot, exploring, searching for WiFi or amps … days just aren’t typical, but I decided to take notes on our second day at Agua Caliente County Park. Here’s what we did.

7:00-8:30AM — Wake up, slowly. Read, wait for the sun to rise enough to turn the tides of the evening’s cold.

8:30-9:30AM — Breakfast. Make coffee. Drink coffee. Plan the day (Which hike do you want to do?). A bunny hopped over to check out our campsite. There were hummingbirds zipping around the trees. No rattlesnakes approached.

9:30-11:30AM — Hike. We strolled a known path then explored an unknown one and found an oasis in one of the nearby valleys. Avoided mountain lions.

Lisa enjoys finding palms in the desert.

Lisa enjoys finding palms in the desert.

11:30AM-1:30PM — Lunch. Had a beer. Read a bit in the sun, dozed off outside. It was sunny and nice.

1:30-2:30PM — Bath. The campground has a hot-spring fed pool, so we soaked in that a bit (clothed) then grabbed a shower.

2:30-3:30PM — Relax. The hot water tired us out, so we read for a bit more and had another beer.

3:30-4:30PM — Explore. We waited for the sun angle to get steep before heading into another canyon to explore. Took a bunch of pics, one of a plane taking off from the nearby airstrip.

I channel Ansel Adams.

I channel Ansel Adams.

The plane is pretty small from here -- check the lower right for a white speck.

The plane is pretty small from here -- check the lower right for a white speck.

4:30-6:00PM — Prep and eat dinner. Light fades fast at this time of year, so we’ve become early eaters.

5:00-8:30PM — Campfire. One of our neighbors left behind some firewood when they left, so we grabbed it and had ourselves a fire. This is the second or third time we’ve scored a free bundle of firewood.

8:30PM-beyond — Read, sleep. We turn in early. It gets dark early and when it gets dark early it gets cold early. The van is warm, and we have a bunch of good books.

Life moves pretty slowly if all you do is stop and look around.